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Summary: Not your average Asari Matriarch

Zephora D'kat

Gender: Female

Age: 834

Group: Andromeda Initiative







Physical Appearance

Tall, poised, and elegance personified.

Personality and interests

Zephora is jaded, sardonic, and often considered "grouchy" by her fellow crew members. She is rather unlike many Asari Matriarchs in that she has no interest in sharing wisdom, and prefers practical solutions to problems.


Zephora spent her early years as a mercenary in the Milky Way before settling down with a Krogan named Ganar. They spent much of their relationship carving out a sizable criminal empire until they attracted the attention of Aria T'Loak, who killed Ganar in a firefight over territory. Zephora barely escaped with her life and turned away from the life of a mercenary, settling down on a human colony on the edge of the Traverse and developed an interest in engineering.

Years later she married a young Alliance soldier named Erin. However tragedy struck again when Erin, who had since become a high ranking Admiral in the Alliance, was killed during the Geth attack on the Citadel. And Zephora took to wandering the galaxy after the loss.

Eventually, she found herself working for the Andromeda Initiative and served aboard the human ark. Since then, she's found a new home on Eeos.

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Image of Zephora D'kat
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