Guy with the hammer

The one thing that sucks about being held tied to heavy metal chair was, in her modest opinion, the damn clock ticking away on the far wall marking time that was passing at a snail's pace while she was forced to sit there doing nothing but let the twisted thoughts run circles around in her head while she waited for these F@cks to make up there minds if they were gonna torture or kill her.

It was around this time that damned Tove Lo song started playing in the back of her head again. The words repeating in her head again and again until Natalia finally gave in and starting singing the chorus aloud to herself to pass the time.

" I, I'm not the prettiest you've ever seen. But I have my moments, I have my moments.

Not the flawless one, I've never been. But I have my moments, I have my moments."

It went on like that for God only knows how long until the harsh grinding sound filled the room as one of her unnamed hosts seated himself in front of of her and smiled. " Good evening Ms Kovlovick, I trust you are comfortable."

Natalia couldn't help but laugh at his poor attempt ironic humor.

It was clear from frown that barely touched his features that her response was not the one he was hoping for. "Ms Kovlovick do you know why we brought you here?"

Natalia wasn't sure if it was the mans accent or the pointless questions but she could only shake her head. " Honestly, have you done this before ?"

The man's expression grew dark as she was clearly already pushing his buttons." Do you take me for a fool Ms Kovlovick?"

She couldn't stop laughing by this point as she nodded her head. " Clearly we are both in agreement on that one."

He apparently didnt get the humor of her statement and took a hammer from the one of the surgical trays and brought it down hard on her hand. The sound of bones breaking clearly sounding.

For all the pain however Natalia could not help but keep laughing as the tears rolled down her cheeks.


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