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Image of James Xavier Macmillan Jr.

Summary: Fast tempered fast hands

James Xavier Macmillan Jr.

Gender: Male

Age: 19

Group: Assassins


Irish scottish amd english


Was a fisherman and first mate on his father James Sr. Fishing boat
Also worked as a blacksmith for his uncle sirus


Apprentice Assassin

Physical Appearance

Around 5 1/2 foot tall 170 lbs has shoulder length blonde hair green eyes

Personality and interests

James is hot head he gets mad easily especially at those who mock the Irish he will never object to making some coin jingle in his pocket and is always a man of his word


Growing up in a poor family. James Jr. Fished on his dads boat at night and worked at his cruel uncles Smithing shop during the day but when his father fell ill and died he was sent to live with his uncle who beat and starved james until one night a servant forgot to lock james bedroom door and james made his escape he happened upon the port where seamen were loading a ship headed for the new world down at the port he climbed into a wooden shipping crate closed the lid and was taken aboard as cargo and was on his way

Favourite Sayings

Ná nocht d'fhiacla go bhféadair an greim do bhreith.

Don't bare your teeth until you can bite.

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