Tina Ciccone-Arrival in the new world

As I stepped off the boat, I looked around. I kept my hood up and my blades were hidden. No need to draw attention to myself right away. We had received word that some Templars had come over to the new world so my grandfather dispatched me to deal with them. The Templars have been causing trouble for us assassins for generations. I quickly climbed to the roof of the first building I could find and look around for any signs of the Templar troops. No sign of them yet. I leave the settlement via roof top and start down the road, knowing that I had no hope of making it to the next settlement by nightfall. I climb into the trees, knowing that is where I would be safest and carefully jump from tree to tree.

"This is going to take a long while." I murmur as I settle down on a branch to rest.


"Grandpa, you called?"
"Yes, I have received word that the Templars have made it to the new world. I want you to go and hunt them down."
"Understood. I will leave first thing tomorrow."
"Good luck and Stay safe my dear granddaughter."
"I always am Grandfather."

~end flashback~

'Wonder where they could be hiding' I think as I fall into a restless sleep.

I awaken to the sounds of wood breaking so I quickly stand up and look all around me. I activate Eagle vision and finally spot someone but they were too far away to see if they were friend or foe. I start jumping through the trees being careful not to fall as I head deeper into the woods towards the next settlement. I guess I am just going to have to find a safer place to camp for the night. I eventually found a new place to camp for the night and jumped to the ground. I quickly make a small fire for warmth and fall into a light sleep.

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