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Summary: shhh let the animal speak

Tempest Trine

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Gender: female

Age: unknown

Group: Dubrinsky's and Daratrazanoff's


Darius Daratrazanoff (lifemate)
Andor Daratrazanoff (son)

Physical Appearance

Small, compact figure; long, thick, red-gold hair; brilliant green large eyes framed by red-gold lashes; high, firm breasts; oval face; high cheekbones; wide, lush mouth; soft, husky voice

Personality and History

Tempest was a foster child who found abuse at the hands of men. Her earliest memory is of living in a crack den, surrounded by people using various drugs, not knowing which of them were her parents. She was later raped by her employer when she worked in a garage.

Darius was slowly succumbing to the darkness when Desari placed an ad for a mechanic for their tour bus. The ad attracted Tempest Trine. She has particular psychic powers for animals, which she utilized several times with the band’s two cats, Sasha and Forest. Darius didn’t wish to convert her, knowing the risks; however, she gave him no choice in the matter, using her blood to save his life. Darius went after the men who attempted to abduct her and killed them.


Darius Daratrazanoff

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Image of Tempest Trine
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