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Summary: To kill a vampire you must be a vampire

Dragomir Dragonseeker

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Gender: Male

Age: unknown

Group: Dragonseeker's and Von Shrieder's


Razvan Shonski (father)
Natalya Shonski (Aunt)
Xavier (great grandfather)
Mother is unknown

Special Abilities

Can be out in the sun.

Physical Appearance

Vivid gold and green eyes

Personality and History

He was raised by his great grandfather Xavier , his father has no knowledge of him, his full name is Dragomir dragonseeker, but Xavier gave him the nickname Dracul Romanian name meaning "devil" or "dragon.". He was train by him in the way of magic and his dragonseeker side. His ability to walk in the sun made him unique and useful to Xavier. He was in charge of capturing and breaking in the vampires Xavier wanted. He hated his grandfather and when he was young tried to rebel, as his power grew Xavier found ways to control him. Once Xavier fell he wandered the world Hunting the undead he had been forced to train, Carpathians have heard of a strong hunter taken out strong vampires but no one knows who he is..



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Image of Dragomir Dragonseeker
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