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Summary: Daughter of Dayan and Corinne

Jennifer Wentworth

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Gender: Female

Age: 22

Group: Rodriguez's and Wentworth's


John Wentworth † (natural father)
Corinne Wentworth (natural mother)
Dayan (adopted father)

Special Abilities

Can play many instruments, some telekinetic ability, and a hidden ability (her attack songs/vocalizations cause disorientation in those who are evil and, if her anger or desire to protect is strong enough, cause the trees to attack)

Physical Appearance

Dark black hair and green eyes

Personality and History

She is the daughter of John and Corinne Wentworth. She is in-utero when Dayan meets Corinne. She is a strong psychic who is able to be converted, when it is a possibility. She is partially converted by Dayan’s blood and is born ½ Carpathian.

At age seven, she ran off. Her screams filled the night, calling Dayan to her. When he found her, she was just outside of the safeguards around the camp, a vampire draining her. Dayan and Darius fought the master vampire and won, but Jennifer needed to be converted to save her life. As they were in California, they took her to the Asenguard Compound to be converted so she wouldn't feel any pain. She blocked the memory due to the mental trauma the vampire forced upon her. She knows she is fully Carpathian, and doesn't care why. Trying to think about that day causes her to panic and pass out as if from pain.


Marcus Valvoline

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Image of Jennifer Wentworth
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