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Summary: A Guardian of All, fourth eldest De La Cruz brother, and uncle to Liliana.

Manolito De La Cruz

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Gender: Male

Age: Ancient

Group: De La Cruz's and Savage's


Nicolas De La Cruz (brother)
Rafael De La Cruz (brother)
Riordan De La Cruz (brother)
Zacarias De La Cruz (brother)

Special Abilities


Physical Appearance

Very handsome; broad shoulders; powerful arms; tall, slender waist and hips; muscular chest; moves like a predatory cat; exquisite angular face; dark mysterious black eyes with streaks of amber; shiny, silky, black hair; straight, masculine nose; high cheekbones; strong jaw; sensual mouth

Personality and History

Manolito is the fourth oldest of the five De La Cruz brothers, who were sent by Prince Vladimir Dubrinsky to the jungles of South America to rid the continent of the vampire, in protection of the Carpathian race. They have a ranch on the edge of the forest. He is aloof and aristocratic. His real name is Manuel but because his shoulders are broader and he has more muscle, his brothers tease him by reducing him to boy. When Luiz Silva, a jaguar male, nearly died trying to save two of the De La Cruz lifemates, Manolito saved him by converting him.


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Image of Manolito De La Cruz
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