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Summary: One of the five Malinov brothers.

Vadim Malinov

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Gender: Male

Age: ???

Group: Alte ekä (males only)


Kirja Malinov (brother)
Maxim Malinov (brother)
Ruslan Malinov (brother)
Sergey Malinov (brother)
Ivory Malinov (sister)

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Personality and History

Unlike most vampires, who succumb to the temptation of the thrill of the kill, the Malinov brothers planned to become the undead so they could wrest control of the Carpathian people. They allied with Xavier and Draven Dubrinsky in their quest. Before they turned, the five brothers were sent by Vladimir Dubrinsky to Asia.

While in the land of mist, he saw Xavier cast his spell, and mimicked it. He is now a demon.



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Image of Vadim Malinov
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