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Summary: Band member of the Dark Trubadors and healer of earth


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Gender: Female

Age: ???

Group: Other



Special Abilities

Heals the earth

Physical Appearance

She is tall, with small hips and waist, long black hair, and dark eyes.

Personality and History

At the age of one, she was saved by Darius Daratrazanoff, along with Desari Daratrazanoff, Savon, Dayan, and Barack. She is introduced in Dark Challenge. She was attacked by Savon and nearly died. She spent most of her time in leopard form after that. Though she can play most instruments, since the attack, her music seemed to fade. Much to her horror, Barack claimed her in Dark Fire, after Cullen Tucker warned them of the Vampire Hunting Society targeted Tempest Trine and made Syndil feel beautiful again. She was called upon by Mikhail Dubrinsky to aid their people by healing the soil in Dark Celebration, and is considered invaluable ever since. She attends birthings and healing sessions to rejuvenate the soil for the best possible results.



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Image of Syndil
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