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Summary: Lead singer of the Dark Trubadors

Desari Daratrazanoff

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Gender: Female

Age: ???

Group: Dubrinsky's and Daratrazanoff's


Roman Daratrazanoff † (father)
Gregori Daratrazanoff (brother)
Gabriel Daratrazanoff (brother)
Lucian Daratrazanoff (brother)
Darius Daratrazanoff (brother)
Skyler Daratrazanoff (niece)
Tamara Daratrazanoff (niece)
Andor Daratrazanoff (nephew)
Anastasia Daratrazanoff (niece)
Anya Daratrazanoff (niece)

Special Abilities


Physical Appearance

Tall, narrow rib cage, small waist, full breasts, blue/black waist-length hair, dark charcoal eyes

Personality and History

Desari is the first full Carpathian, ancient female encountered in the Dark series. She is a member of a band called the Dark Troubadours. Her ability allows her to bring peace who listens to her sing, or ensnare them is she wishes. She was six months old when Darius saved her from the Turkish Invasion.


Julian Savage

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Image of Desari Daratrazanoff
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