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Summary: One of the golden twins.

Julian Savage

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Gender: Male

Age: ???

Group: De La Cruz's and Savage's


Aidan Savage (twin brother)

Special Abilities


Physical Appearance

Huge, tall, heavily muscled, bulging arms, massive chest, long thick blond hair, gold eyes

Personality and History

Julian is over 800 years old. He and his twin brother Aidan were born with the last name Selvaggio and they took the English equivalent Savage as their surname when they moved to an English-speaking country.

When Julian was twelve years old, a vampire befriended him. The creature forced him into a blood exchange and used to spy on his fellow Carpathians and to attack Aidan. This forced Julian to lead a solitary life, shunning even his beloved sibling.

Gregori sent him to protect the famous singer Desari, who was on the hit list of a fanatical society of human vampire hunters. Luckily, she turned out to be his lifemate.

Julian was eventually able to defeat the vampire that had haunted him since childhood.


Desari Daratrazanoff

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Image of Julian Savage
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