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Summary: Just because I prefer to be Lady like does not mean I am apposed to putting you in your place

Ellenor Lafrel (Elle)

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Gender: Female

Age: 24

Group: Rodriguez's and Wentworth's


Grew up with her grandmother, Two sisters, and a half-sibling brother

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Personality and History

She is independent and fast learning, outgoing, kind-hearted and excels in anything she puts her mind too, she has many hobbies and talents like Photography, writing, traveling, singing, gardening, animal care, volunteer work, bladesmithing, martial arts, Archery, auto mechanics, cooking, painting, playing musical instruments (piano, flute, harp, guitar ) and a strong sense of justice. She is stubborn, does not like to feel trapped or be controlled, she has a hard time keeping her mouth shut when she finds something wrong.

She comes from a well-known wealthy family in France but moved to America when she was seventeen for school, where she attended precollege classes at Princeton and later attended Princeton where she got her Masters in Archeology and certificate in photography. Afterwards, she decided to stay in America and open up her own Museum after she got her dual citizenship. Though her family wants her home to continue the family business of jewel crafting, she has convinced them to let her pursue her chosen career.



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Image of Ellenor Lafrel (Elle)
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