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Summary: The Dark is where I am most comfortable

Zara De La Cruz

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Gender: Female

Age: 665

Group: De La Cruz's and Savage's



Special Abilities

Can call on the dark nature of any creature, bending it to her will

Physical Appearance

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Personality and History

Her mother died during childbirth while she was alone in a small home in the mountains, her cries attracted a nearby master vampire, for reasons unknown he took her in and raised her, trained her and made her into a fierce warrior, They lived in the mountains away from anyone, He kept what he was hidden from her but educated her on the Carpathian people and other creatures alike, growing up around such darkness has given her an infinity for all things dark, When she was about five hundred years old and fully trained he took her to a cave where he told her what he was and said that one day he expected her to come for him as her final test until then he told her to work up to it because when that day came he would not hold back, he left her in the cave, her first time alone in 500 years she wasted no time to start hunting



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Image of Zara De La Cruz
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