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Summary: Traveling singer that idolizes Desari; public name:

Shelbi Tortuga

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Gender: Female

Age: 21

Group: Other



Special Abilities

Her voice can bring peace, trap people, and even heal wounds (similar to a healer but different in that she doesn't need the healing chants to heal, but her own songs)

Physical Appearance

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Personality and History

She is an up and coming singer who idolizes Desari. She is traveling to small clubs and concert halls to perform, loving what she does, even if it isn't lucrative at the moment. She uses the stage name, "Mi$$y D" and that's all the public knows her as. She knows her voice is a powerful weapon, just like her idol's, but she doesn't understand what it means or even the extent of her powers. If she sees someone hurt in front of her she begins singing what she calls a battle song and somehow fights the aggressor, winning most times though no one knows how.



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Image of Shelbi Tortuga
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