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Gender: Female

Age: 18

Group: Other



Special Abilities

She can communicate with animals, with an affinity for large cats

Physical Appearance

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Personality and History

Her parents died when Laura was young. Her Jaguar mother was captured by rouge Jaguar males shortly after her birth. Her psychic human father spirited her away only to be killed when she was a toddler. Laura has spent most of her life in foster care, bouncing from house to house due to her ability of talking with animals.

When she was sixteen, she was found by Thomas, who could tell she had Jaguar blood in her. Due to being unable to shift, Thomas raped her nearly everyday for three years straight. Laura disappeared into her own mind that was fast falling apart. Luiz found Laura on her eighteenth birthday and saved her, but not before Thomas had destroyed her will to escape and any hope she had.

Now, Laura is thrust into a world she doesn't know. She refuses to speak, is scared of everybody and everything, and tries to stay locked in her room. The only people on the ranch she has a connection with are Avangeline and Jane, both victims of Thomas' that had managed to escape her fate.



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