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Summary: I would trade everything, even honor, for my lifemate and my children.

Razvan Shonski

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Gender: Male

Age: Ancient

Group: Dragonseeker's and Von Shrieder's


Xavier † (grandfather)
Rhiannon † (grandmother)
Dominic Dragonseeker (great uncle)
Soren Shonski (father)
Samantha Shonski † (mother)
Natalya Shonski (twin sister)
Branislava Dragonseeker (aunt)
Tatijana Dragonseeker (aunt)
Colby Jansen (daughter)
Lara Calladine (daughter)
Skyler Daratrazanoff (daughter)

Special Abilities

Master strategist

Physical Appearance

Strong bones of a Carpathian male, a straight aristocratic nose, deep lines of suffering cut into his once handsome face, grey-streaked hair, green eyes

Personality and History

Razvan is a member of the Dragonseeker clan. His grandfather, the powerful mage Xavier, imprisoned him for centuries and took control of his body to force him to rape women. The Carpathian people, especially his twin sister Natalya, reviled him for his deeds, not knowing that he was being used and tortured by the dark mage.

After he finally escaped and met his lifemate Ivory, he was very reluctant to claim her because Xavier had placed shadow slivers of himself inside his grandson, allowing him to control him from afar and spy on others through his eyes. Gregori and Ivory were able to remove all of the slivers from Razvan, thus freeing him, but two slivers escaped. We learn in Dark Crime that these slivers have come into the possession of two of the Malinov brothers.

So far, Ivory has not had a child, but she was testing a new spell when it didn't work like she wanted. It instead showed her the image of a male child growing through the years. It was evident that he was a Dragonseeker, but his iron will would be stripped from him during is first fifteen years of life, cutting him off from the dragon he was. She had never had maternal instincts before, but seeing this boy, so strong when first born, broken down to mere survival instincts shook her spirit. Razvan saw the vision through Ivory and the image of the boy reminded him too much of Skyler. He vowed that he would save the boy, where he did not save Skyler. They didn't know where he was, or if they could find him in time to keep his spirit strong, but both Ivory and Razvan knew they could not stop looking for him.


Ivory Malinov

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Image of Razvan Shonski
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