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Summary: How should I thank you for what you have done? Because I can do... things if you want.

Draiden Stovinski

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Gender: Male

Age: 15

Group: Dragonseeker's and Von Shrieder's


Donny Dragonseeker (biological father)
Faith Stovinski (biological mother)
Janice Stovinski (adopted mother [abusive])
Henrik Stovinski (adopted father [abusive])
Ivory Malinov (adopted mother [Carpathian])
Razvan Shonski (adopted father [Carpathian])

Special Abilities


Physical Appearance

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Personality and History

His mother, Faith Stovinski, was a human psychic that got pregnant with him. She had the desire to go see her aunt and uncle before giving birth, so she traveled to the Carpathian Mountains in the Ukraine. She gave birth there and gave the rights to raise her son to her aunt and uncle, who had always treated her with love.

However, she didn't know that they were drug addicts and had every child born to them taken by the authorities for atrocities done to them. Since they had "adoption papers" waiting for them, their niece left, thinking her son was in the best hands. However, as soon as she left, Janice and Henrik Stovinski quickly moved without a word, virtually disappearing.

Draiden was physically, emotionally, and verbally abused from the time he was three, then the sexual abuse started when he was five. Anytime the police came, they would tie him up tight enough to cut into his skin, gag him so that he often choked and his mouth would go dry, and hide him under the house with the rats. He quickly learned that struggling only brought more pain, and his "parents" were stronger than him. The hole they shoved him in was so small that he could barely move, even when untied.

He picked up at age six that the rats could help him, but they also bit into him. He also found out that he had a healing agent in his saliva, but it always left scar tissue behind. He didn't try to get assistance because he knew from experience that the authorities couldn't always hear him, left with a shaking head if he talked to their minds, or the Stovinski couple always got him back before he was processed into the system. By age seven, he went to the whole willingly and remained quiet.

The twisted family moved often, and by age ten, he lived in a house that had only dirt under it. One day, the Stovinskies forgot to get him out from under the floor. All the wounds he had healed fast when pressed into the dirt. Janice had learned as a young child about Carpathians. Most of her memories were wiped from her mind, but the Carpathian male was suddenly pulled away when a vampire attacked nearby. She had fled, keeping part of her memories, knowing that the male had yet to take her blood to make the compulsion stick. She later told her husband, who used to be part of the vampire hunting society. His sector had been destroyed while he was out on patrol, making him the sole survivor. Not wanting to be killed, he fled the area. Using this knowledge, Janice and Henrik made Draiden's life more of a hell then it already was.

They told Draiden he was the spawn of a vampire raping their niece and she had thrown him away. They said that Draiden should be grateful to them for saving his life. Hearing this broke Draiden's spirit. Not even his birth mother had wanted him and his father was a monster. He had hoped that somehow, Janice and Henrik Stovinski weren't his parents and his real family would find him, but they even stole that child-like hope from him. From that moment on, he ceased fighting. While he still begged for the abuses to stop, he didn't try to leave or put an end to it. When he was good, they would sprinkle fresh dirt over him, but if he was bad, they would make him sleep on the floor where the sun would burn his sensitive skin. They barely gave him blood, and when they did, it was always from an animal. They kept him weak, fearing his powers even though he was completely broken.

By the time he was fifteen, he had a road map of scars, he was far too skinny to be healthy, and had ceased begging for those who used him to stop. Because he was no fun broken, Janice and Henrik found a man willing to buy Draiden. They met in a dark alley where sex trafficking was common. The man shook the boy to his core but he stood with the Stovinskies obediently half naked while the man looked him over. Just as the man reached to grab Draiden and hand over the large amount of money, Razvan and Ivory appeared. Ivory looked like an angle to him, and Razvan a Greek God in the flesh. They seemed to recognize him and quickly destroyed Janice, Henrik, and the man, who turned out to be a ghoul.

Draiden stood, waiting to be killed or abused again, only for Ivory to hug him, telling him they had come to save him. Razvan, recognizing the torment in Draiden's too old eyes, looked in the boy's mind and growled. He then told Draiden the truth about the Carpathian people. Ivory said that she was almost finished with his room, but needed time to finish everything. Sending him into a dream like state, Razvan picked up the boy and carried him home, angry that he had been under their noses the whole time. Seeing Draiden in Razvan's arms reminded Ivory too much of the time she first found Razvan. They traveled quickly to beat the sun so that they could be home, a family for the first time, and one Draiden so desperately needed.


He gets his lifemate in Dark Children.

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