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Carpathians are an ancient long-lived species from the Carpathian mountains of Romania. Males of the species lose emotions and color in their vision, typically after two hundred years or more, and can only be restored by a lifemate. The female of the species or a strong female human psychics brings the emotions back to the male if the chemistry is correct. This is the story and journey of the children of the Carpathians.
"mozdul veri ekäakank pesäsz jeläbam ainaak" ("Enter, blood of my brothers, long may you live in the light")
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If you are interested in reading the books here is a link to the author website ^^ Enjoy!
We have introduced a new species for the Carpathians to fight, called the Alte ekä - cursed brother(s). These are men who have been brought back to the land of the living from a spell. They are Carpathian in body and soul, and vampire every other way, so their blood isn't acidic but they live to cause pain to others. Another side-effect of this form of body snatching is that the man brought back is that he will never turn vampire. However, if they have repented in the other world (but have not reincarnated), they will have a lifemate born to them, having been born after their bodies were born. If they repented and have been reincarnated before the spell is cast, the person will not be Alte ekä, but be a full blooded Carpathian and all it intails.
Canon Children and Lifemates:

Carpathians and lifemates by book:
Dark Prince - Mikhail Dubrinsky & Raven Whitney
Dark Desire - Jacques Dubrinsky & Shea O'Halloran
Dark Gold - Aidan Savage & Alexandria Houton
Dark Magic - Gregori Daratrazanoff & Savannah Dubrinsky
Dark Challenge - Julian Savage & Desari Daratrazanoff
Dark Fire - Darius Daratrazanoff & Tempest Trine; Barack & Syndil
Dark Dream - Falcon Amiras & Sara Marten
Dark Legend - Gabriel Daratrazanoff & Francesca del Ponce
Dark Guardian - Lucian Daratrazanoff & Jaxon Montgomery
Dark Symphony - Byron Justicano & Antonietta Scarletti
Dark Descent - Traian Trigovise & Joie Sanders
Dark Melody - Dayan & Corinne Wentworth
Dark Destiny - Nicolae Von Shrieder & Destiny
Dark Hunger - Riordan De La Cruz & Juliette Sangria
Dark Secret - Rafael De La Cruz & Colby Jansen
Dark Demon - Vikirnoff Von Shrieder & Natalya Shonski
Dark Celebration - none
Dark Possession - Manolito De La Cruz & MaryAnn Delaney
Dark Curse - Nicolas De La Cruz & Lara Calladine
Dark Slayer - Razvan Shonski & Ivory Malinov
Dark Peril - Dominic Dragonseeker & Solange Sangria
Dark Predator - Zacarias De La Cruz & Marguarita Fernandez
Dark Storm - Danutdaxton Karpatii & Riley Parker
Dark Lycan - Fenris Dalka & Tatijana Dragonseeker
Dark Wolf - Dimitri Tirunul & Skyler Daratrazanoff
Dark Blood - Zev Hunter & Branislava Dragonseeker
Dark Crime - Maksim Volkov & Blaze McGuire
Dark Ghost - Andre Boroi & Teagan Joanes
Dark Promises - Gabrielle Sanders & Aleksei; Fane & Trixie Joanes
Dark Carousel - Tariq Asenguard & Charlotte Vintage
Dark Legacy - Emeline Sanchez & Dragomir Kozul
Dark Sentinel - Andor Katona & Lorraine Peters

- No godmodding
- All characters should be around 18. They are children at this age in Carpathian society, but they can enter relationships with their lifemates should they appear
- If your character is 200+ years of age and is male, he will be without color or emotions until he finds his lifemate (exception to this rule are those who have had a traumatic experience, so they could potentially loose color and emotions early)
- No more than 1 lifemate per Carpathian
- If you are a Carpathian parent, you should be able to teach all the children a skill that Carpathians use (fighting vampires, healing, shape-shifting, etc.) If you don't know how to do this, ask!
- If your character has a special skill, they should also have a weakness that goes with it (can read minds, but gives the character a 3 day migraine)
- Carpathians are weak to the sun, as are vampires, though Carpathians can stand early morning or late night sunlight and vampires can't even be out when the sun is.
- Carpathians curse, but not like humans. "Sun scorch it!" and "Darkness take it!" are some examples. A play on these words (a.k.a. slang) can be used (i.e. "Get scorched!")
- Have fun! These are teens enjoying life, not adults, even if their bodies are mature by human standards!
Binding Ritual

Man and woman drink each other's blood, make love, and the man says, “I claim you as my lifemate. I belong to you. I offer my life for you. I give to you my protection, my allegiance, my heart, my soul, and my body. I take into my keeping the same that is yours. Your life, happiness, and welfare will be cherished and placed above my own for all time. You are my lifemate, bound to me for all eternity and always in my care.” Only Carpathian males who see colors and feel emotions can do this. The words alone tie the souls the lifemates together, two halves of the same whole. Mating and drinking blood can be done with someone not one's lifemate, but not at the same time. It is forbidden and can turn them into vampires if they are not careful. The words are like vows and the whole thing is like a wedding, but stronger, deeper. Once all three things are done, there is no such thing as a divorce, there is no taking the words back, and every Carpathian will know of their joining.

To loosely quote the series, one can not live without the other. The need to merge or read each other's minds, to touch the other, to make love, to see the other is safe and sound will be paramount. Long distances without one of those things is uncomfortable and sometimes disastrous. Simply see each other without any of those three things can make them need each other. The woman is the light to the man's darkness. The binding ritual is a way to ensure the species' survival and preventing Carpathians from turning vampire. The words are imprinted on the males' soul before birth, like the healing chant. (Those words aren't in English in the book, so if you must use the healing chant, just say so. Don't try to make it up, please.)
Healing Chants

Great Healing Chant
Lesser Healing Chant