Trouble maker

Anya glared at her mother "thats not fair you can not prove it was me!" She said with her arms crossed as she sat in the chair across from her mother "I dont have to I know it was you, who else would do something so dangerously stupid around here" She said pinching the bridge of her nose.
Anya rolled her eyes "what you call stupid I call creative thinking...not saying it was me but thats just what I think about it" Anya said looking away from her "besides nothing bad happened and who ever did do it actually got the thing to work" She said looking out the window so her mother did not see the small smile of pride she had on her face "There is no need for a solar powered alarm system Anya, you nearly scared me and your father half to death!" She said not being fooled by her looking away "And I can see your reflection in the window Anya" She said shaking her head.
Anya grumbled and looked back to her "Look if we were ever under attack and they cut the power source it would be useful...its not my fault that it has a light trigger, it just needs some adjustments" She said finally admitting it was her, though she knew it was irrelevant "Anya we are not up set that you want to help this family have extra protection, we are upset that you risked exposure to the sun to do so" She said in a softer tone and walking over to her.
She placed her hands on both sides of her face and made her look at her "If anything were to happen to you girls it would kill me and your father...promise me you will not be so reckless again" She said in a tender tone. Anya sighed "fine...." Romanian name meaning "devil" or "dragon."She said knowing full well she might not be able to keep that promise...

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