Dracul was flying through the sky when he saw a vampire... fighting a woman. He landed in a nearby tree to watch the events. When it appeared that the woman was going to lose, Dracul landed between the vampire and the woman.

"Don't you know that it's disgusting to watch you play with your food," Dracul said. "I've got things covered here, girl. Why don't you run on home and leave this to the expert."

He and the vampire played a game of cat and mouse. The vampire would get close, Dracul would manage to get away. The vampire roared with impatience. Dracul sighed. He quickly destroyed the vampire, knowing the truth

"Your master is a fool," he said. "Come out and face me, ancient one!"

"So you are the Ancient Slayer," the master vampire said. "This will be fun!"

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