Anya's eyes met his and she felt like her body was on fire, she was unable to speak for a second until she heard the vampire's voice "your already in big trouble hunter, and neither one you is going to live past this night It said by her ear, his voice made he skin scrawl "Oh shut up and die you undead scum " Anya said as she called down a lightning bolt that struck the vampire in the back, making him release her and pushed her straight into the hunters arms, he did not budge it was like hitting a brick wall, a very warm masculine brick wall that had a wild scent that made her head dizzy. She quickly moved away from him and move to his side, so the vampire was in her veiw, She needed to get a hold of herself, she grew up around hunters, there is no reason why she should be affected by this stranger like this "maybe it's just my adrenaline" She thought to herself as she watched the vampire quickly get up

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