"She took a blow from Xavier in her back," Alex said. "She took it for dad, remember?"

Gregori nodded and flipped her over. It looked as if she had an ocean of parasites in her wounds. He looked at Mikhail. This would have been him if she hadn't saved his life.

"Shea, we need to work fast," he said. "Jacques, you destroy any of them that hit the floor. Mikhail, put a barrier around us so that none can get into the soil. We don't need a repeat of the past."

Everyone got into their positions. Once the barrier was up, they set to work. It took three hours to remove every parasite in her body. Jacques had to burn so many, he was exhausted. Gregori and Shea returned to their bodies after they healed the scratches, completely drained of all energy.

"She needs blood," Gregori said. "She will live."

Alex sighed with relief and went to sleep. Mikhail took his son and Liliana to his home and put them both to ground. Anastasia woke up, but she wouldn't talk or look at anyone. After everyone had a blood pack to drink, they went their separate ways. Stefan insisted on escorting his lifemate home, gaining approving smiles from his father and Gregori.

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