Anastasia cleared her throat and said, "It's partially my fault, too. I didn't try to stop her. I'm sorry, mom."

Just then, her father walked in. He had a scratch on his arm from fighting a vampire. Anastasia gasped and ran to help her father.

"Don't touch it!" Gregori said. "I still need to cleanse it. Savannah, get the girls to safety. There are three vampires on their way here. I've already called to the other hunters. One is an ancient."

"Papa!" Anastasia said, tears forming. "Let me heal you, at least! Please!"

"You can stay safe with your mother and sister, ma petite. I will need you after it is over, but it is too dangerous now." He looked at Anya. "We will talk about your stunt when I finish dealing with this enemy. Is that understood?"

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