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Manolito put a blanket around her and said, "Lil, you weren't in control. I'm amazed by your power! No one could have warned us the way you did while under a compulsion."

Stefan cried like a lost child as he said, "How could I do that to her? I wanted to wait to bind her to me, when I became a better hunter. But I bound her to me in such a disgusting way. Anya was right. I am weak if I let someone use me to hurt my lifemate like that."

Mikhail took hold of Raven's spirit with a vengeance, just as Gregori was doing with Savannah. They looked up when they heard rustling and saw Andor, Darius, and Tempest walk towards them. Dracul was on alert until Gregori greeted them. On the other side of the clearing, Jacques and Shea appeared. Shea ran to her son's side.

"Darius," Gregori said. "Shea. They are dying and my daughters have been taken by Xavier."

"Anya told us everything," Jacques said. "That's why we came. She blames herself, though she does say not to trust Dracul. I'll just assume the stranger looking like he is wanting to kill us all is Dracul."

"We don't have time for this!" Mikhail said. "Raven and Savannah are dying!"

They set about healing them post haste.


Xavier took Anya and Anastasia to a deep cave system. At first, it was warm and made of rock, but soon turned into a hidden ice palace. He chained Anastasia to the wall and Anya to a table before removing Anya's clothing.

"Two lovely dolls for me to play with," he said, laughing menacingly. "And I have such a long time to break you both."

"You have me," Anastasia said. "Let Anya go."

"Now, why would I do that?" He walked up to Anya. "I want to break in the new toy. Old toys are nice, but not as... good as new toys." He smiled at Anastasia. "So, you will watch as I play with Anya."

"No!" Anastasia said. "You can't!"

"Her fighting spirit is too strong. I need it gone."

"Take me! Please! Don't hurt her!"

"Sorry, cupcake. But I can't just leave her around to wander the Earth like this. If Dracul hadn't broken my compulsion and killed her like I ordered him to, this wouldn't be a problem. But she just had to be his lifemate! She has ruined my plans for the last time!"

He removed his clothes and stalked towards her.

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