Liliana shook her head "I wont let this continue...I will find a way to kill him and make him suffer" She said taking a step back from her uncle "go comfort Mary Ill start helping the others heal everyone" She said and walked away without giving him a chance to answer, he could tell something was wrong with her but he didnt know what.
She held her sun and rocked him softly in her arms "do not worry Stephan...we will all get through this, and you are not weak, even the strongest of us would have trouble fighting that strong of a compulsion, Ana will forgive you...forgive yourself my son and grow strong because Ana and all of us need you now more than ever and I know it was heartbreaking for you but there is a positive side to the binding, now your connection with Ana is stronger, it might help us find them"
When Anya heard that Dracul had been under compulsion when he had raped her, her anger for Xavier got worse 'You bastard! Im going to rip your heart out myself! and if you even think about touching me you'll regret it!" She said and started fighting against her chains

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