No Argue/Pain

Manolito didn't try to stop her. They had too much to do. He and Jacques had to watch everyone's backs while the others did their own jobs. Stefan nodded to his mother.

"I'll try to connect with her," he said. "Let me help with healing first. She will want her family when she gets back. I can give her that, at least."


Xavier knew a normal slap wouldn't do anything to Anya. He punched her full force. He climbed on top of her, not bothering to prepare her for his invasion. He felt blood flowing from where he ripped her.

"So tight!" he said as he began moving, slamming into her without mercy. "Yes, much better than Anastasia, even when I first had her!" He looked at Anastasia with an evil smile. "Of course, what do you expect? Who wants a used piece of junk when you can have something shiny and new?"

Anastasia yelled, "Stop it! Please! I'll do whatever...!"

"I heard that from your lying mouth before!" Xavier said. "I'll use your sister instead because she is better than a worthless whore, like you!"

Anastasia cried. He was right. She couldn't do anything. She looked at her sister apologetically. She couldn't save Anya. She looked away from her sister's accusatory stare. Anastasia flinched every time she heard flesh hit flesh. Anastasia knew Xavier was leaving bruises every time or fracturing bones.

Xavier's nails bit into Anya's flesh, leaving deep wounds all over her body. He would leave bruises where he punched her, or put his full body weight on her to gain access to her inner core. He forced her body into painful positions that helped him get off in several ways. He emptied his seed into her so many times, a river flowed from her feminine core. Anastasia could hear her sister screaming in her head, yet she never screamed aloud. This infuriated Xavier. The last punch he gave Anya broke her pelvis, disintegrating it into splinters in her right hip.

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