Everyone heard Anya scream. They looked around before realizing that it was in their head. Suddenly, an image entered everyone's mind, one that made Gregori retch. They experienced everything from Xavier's point of view. Everyone smelt the blood that flowed as they slammed into her, heard the sound of flesh hit flesh hard, saw her chained to a table as they forced themselves deep into her body, and felt her bones turn to dust when they punched her.

"We have to get my daughters back from that bastard!" he said. "I will not stand for this!"

Every man agreed. They would get both of them back and finally put an end to Xavier once and for all.


Anastasia looked at Anya. I can't help you, Anya. I'm useless. I want to keep you from experiencing this. I tried to give myself to him, but he refused. He said you were better than me because you aren't used, like me. He called me a liar because I said I'd do whatever he wanted before, but didn't until the end. I did the best I could and it wasn't enough. If he ever goes after me, promise me you will get away and live happily with your lifemate. Promise me that you will have Stefan find a better lifemate than me so he can be happy.

Xavier smiled as he played his game in the minds of those that loved them, even as he continued to pump into her broken mind. He leaned down and kissed Anya. He didn't mind that she bit him because of it. He knew he would break her spirit evendually.

He took on Gregori's image and said in his voice, "Beg me for more, ma petite. Beg for daddy." He pounded into her, hugging her to him. "Daddy is so proud of his little girl. So tight! So good! Better than your mother! Beg me to pour my seed into you. Beg for your father's seed!"

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