Gregori roared. Dracul punched a tree, turning it into splinters. Mikhail put a hand on Gregori's arm.

"Anger will not help," he said. "We need to find where they are."

"Anastasia is blocking me," said Stefan.

"We saw that it was in an ice cave," said Dracul, his voice rumbling. "She is my lifemate, Dark One. I know you don't know me and I have not given you reason to trust me, but I may know a place to start. Anya showed it to me."


Xavier returned to his true form as he punch her so hard, he broke some ribs, before saying, "Don't you ever do that again!" He smiled sickeningly at her. Then he pushed into her mind to plant a compulsion. "Everyone is watching, little one. I think we've had our fun. Let's stop this charade." He unchained her. "Let's show them the truth... my love."

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