Anya got up "yes papa" She said as they alarms started to go off letting them know the vampires were close "Go now! and do not come out until I tell you" He said Savannah and the girls. Anya followed her mother and sister to the basement but did not go in. Instead she shut the door locking them in with a ward "Anya! get back here anya!" She heard her mother scream and bang on the door. Upstairs she heard the window shatter as the vampires invaded, she had to act quickly, she ran down the hall into her fathers study and lifted the lose floor board she had placed.
She quickly grabbed two pairs of UV sun protection glasses and two round grenade like shaped devices from the floor. She heard a screaming sound that let her know her father had killed at least one of the vampires but she also heard a growl from him, letting her know he had taken a hit.
She quickly ran back into the other room where her father and the vampires were, she saw one one his back trying to bite his neck but he was holding by the throat keeping it from doing so, the other vampire materialized in front of him and was about to strike him. Anya had to act fast, she hoped on the vampire who was on his back making the vampire let go and her father to take a few step backs, making the vampire in front of him miss her fathers chest.
Her father quickly maneuvered so he could see both vampires and when he say her a roar echoed the whole house. The vampire hit Anya in the gut hard with his elbow, with a grunt she threw him of and quickly went to go to her father, but instead of standing by him she surprised him by pushing him out the window and landing on top of him just outside.
Before he could react or say anything she covered his eyes because seconds later the whole house flashed with UV lights, bright enough to light up the area around the house. Luckily Anya had pushed them just right were the UV did not reach them. Slowly Anya uncovered his eyes and saw her very anger father looking at her "um....UV gernades..." She said with a guilty half smile. The house was silent and the smell of burning corpses filled their nose.....

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