Anya snarled "Its that dragon girl..." She said pointing to liliana "If it wasnt for her they would have stayed out numbered" She said knowing he knew she was right, she hoped Liliana was prepared but she needed him to focus on another target, giving her family a chance to recover
The vampire bit deep in Liliana's arm when she blocked him from her neck, she growled and rolled him so she was on top, the flashes of lightning and the screeches made the battle field even more intense, the bright flashed made it hard to see, which is why she did not see the wolf coming on her left, just as she ripped the vampire heart out the wolf mouth clamped around her waist as it tackled her, making her drop the heart and force the grab the wolves mouth so it did not clamp down harder and bite through her. The two dragons roared in pain as she did and they disappeared, this was no ordinary wolf the red eyes told her it was a ghoul, probably a ghoul of the vampire that she was just attacking. As she used all her strength to keep the wolfs teeth from sinking in further she felt something in her stomach shocked her so much she lost her grip a little, allowing the wolfs teeth to go a little further inside her, She screamed and threw her head back, but releasing what that feeling was she grabbed the wolfs mouth tighter, her hands starting to bleed from its teeth, the wolf started to thrash her around while running, lifting her off the ground, he was heading straight to her own wall of fire.

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