Alex tried to do what he could. He removed ever possible thing that would hurt Liliana.

"Turn back and they can heal you," he said. "Please, baby, you have to. I can't loose you now."


Stefan was out of it. How could his sweet, brave, and fragile Anastasia do this? He didn't notice anything around him. He thought over their time as children. He had never noticed her as his lifemate because they were young, but he remembered being protective of all of them, her more so. She seemed to be scared of a lot of thing, unlike Anya, who would rope her into all sorts of trouble. But she always sparkled. When they hit 13, he stopped looking after the girls. They were to be lifemates to someone later. He had no right to look. He did keep tabs on them though. Anya, the wild child, and Anastasia, the Daratrazanoff princess. He laughed, surprising whoever was healing him. He had made fun of his lifemate for that title. He said things to keep a distance from her, knowing it made her mad. He realized he had always known she was meant for him. But now, she had gone with their enemy.

"I'll save you, Anastasia," he said. "From Xavier and yourself."


Everything was a bustle of activity. Mikhail was organizing everyone. Tempest tried healing Stefan the best she could, but he scared her back into her body at one point. And Manolito tried to talk Liliana into changing back with his mind as he tried to rebuild the house.

Get your ass in gear, he said. We have work to do and an enemy to hunt.

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