Gregori pulled Suzianna from her mother, tied off and cut the cord, and handed the child to Lara. He then healed her body but stopped there.

Alex growled and said, catching everyone's attention, "Don't you give up! She has to live!"

"There was too much blood loss," Gregori said, wishing Savannah was there. "How can...?"

"Because I won't let her die!" Alex said. "If any of you truly cared for her, you would fight to save her! You wouldn't let her die!"

"We don't want to," said Lara. "We just..."

"You all have given up!" Alex raged. "I know we can save her!"


Outside Liliana felt the cry of her uncle, she appeared in front of him, her hand lifted his chin to look up at her, her eyes held to love and sadness "I'm so sorry......please do not feel such sorrow" She said kissing his forehead "I love all of you" she said as her form started to fade in and out

Zacarias knew then that she lived. He went inside and saw Gregori move to leave. He looked at Alex. The boy had balls, he had to give him that.

"Alex," he said, "you hold her spirit. I'll give her my blood and force her heart and lungs to work."

Alex nodded and they sat on either side of Liliana's body as he said, "I'll do what ever I can."

"Make her drink my blood, then," he said.

Zacarias cut his wrist and laid it on her mouth, while Alex stroked her throat to force her body to swallow. Zacarias became pure energy and entered her body. He started forcing her heart to work. It was difficult but he soon got it pumping in a strong rhythm. Then he forced her lungs to take in oxygen. It too was hard to start but he had to go between the two, which made keeping it up difficult.

Suddenly, he felt Nicolas join him, taking over her lungs. Zacarias didn't let the knowledge stop him, he kept making her heart circulate. Then Manolito moved in to take over.

You need to feed, Zacarias, he said.

Zacraias refused to give in and said, Not until she can safely go to ground. She isn't dead.

All of his brothers knew what that meant. So Manolito simply forced his brother's body to take blood while Zacarias continued to pump Liliana's heart. Riordan did the same for Nicolas. Alex was turning pale as Liliana fought to keep her with him and she fought to leave. Rafael fed Alex, knowing that the battle was draining him.

Two hours later, Lilana's condition didn't change. Lara couldn't watch anymore and didn't want the baby to see, but Suzianna fought to go to Liliana's body. Lara decided that the baby deserved to love the brave woman that had carried her and brought her life.

As soon as Suzianna was on her chest Liliana's arms moved. Her heart beat on it's own and her lungs took in air. Alex let go of his death grip on her spirit and let it return to Liliana's body. Everyone was exhausted and in need of blood. Alex and the five De La Cruz brothers sat around Liliana and Suzianna. They looked at each other, tears of joy flowed freely. They all started laughing as they couldn't contain their happiness.

Gregori smiled and said, "The miracle of love and family seems to defeat even death."

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