Zacarias laughed, tears falling. Manolito pounded Alex on the back, knocking the wind out of him for a moment. Nicolas went to Lara and twirled her around the room as joy filled him. Riorden and Rafael looked at each other and sat down in a chair, too exhausted to do anything other than smile. Alex, when he finally caught his breath, kissed Suzianna on her forehead before kissing Liliana.

Liliana was shocked and jumped when the room erupted in cheer, even more so when she noticed everyone around her, when everyone quiets down Liliana looked to her uncles "I'm so sorry....for everything...I know that you were not being cruel when you said you would raise her....I just didnt want to be like my mother..." She said weakly "but I've made up my mind and I hope Alex and Manolito dont mind but...' She said getting up, Alex help steady her and she went over to Zacarias "I want you to help raise her" She said putting her in his arms, the moment she did suzi smiled at him and tried to play with his face.

Zacarias smiled at Suzianna when she touched his mind and said, "Manolito and MaryAnn have already agreed to live here for the next few years." He looked at Liliana. "I will also be moving here to train with you and your lifemate. When I say you are ready, raising of Suzianna will be handed back to you, but not before. Can you agree to these terms?"

Liliana took a deep breath and clenched her fist "It's not like I have a choice....But I will make sure that she knows who her parents are...We will be involved in her life..every day of it.." She said in a tone that let them know how hard this was for her "I will be her mother and Alex her father..But I would appreciate the help in raising long as made clear" She was struggling with the words, her eyes kept changing from her dragons to her others "She is still our daughter and we did not abandon her" she said feeling sick to her stomach and fighting back tears

Zacarias stood up and put his hand on her shoulder and said, "That was very big of you, Lil. But you didn't abandon her and we know that. Manolito and MaryAnn are moving here where they don't feel comfortable so that you can be near Suzianna. We want you to be involved in her upbringing, Lil, not to remove her from your life, or to tell you and Alex that you can't be her parents." He handed Suzianna to her. "We just felt that you and Alex needed to grow up some before you could be with her alone. This is only for Suzianna's protection, not to take away your rights as her parents." He made Liliana look at him. "You will always be her mother and no one can take that away from you. Not even the prince. So, after Xavier is dealt with, you and Alex will move into the house into a house with Manolito and MaryAnn a few miles away, where we will begin training. Remember, we have to protect Suzianna above all else."

Liliana nodded and looked to Alex and held her out to him "would you like to hold her?" she said with love in her eyes as she looked at him

Gregori replayed everything for Savannah and said, This was a miracle. Let us hope this same favor smiles on us and our Anastasia. Despite the sad topic, he couldn't help the joy he felt.

Even Mikhail opened his eyes long enough to meet his new granddaughter. At the same time Dracul and Anya appeared and were dragged into the festivities. They welcomed Suzianna into the world before departing as they were needed to go feed and bring blood back to everyone.

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