Alex paled and said, "What if I hurt her? She's so small! She is beautiful but I don't want..." But as soon as Liliana put Suzianna in his arms, his eyes became misty. "She's so perfect, Liliana! Just like her mother."

Liliana smiled "well I'm not perfect..." She said looking around the room "you all look exhausted...go feed and rest" she said in a low tone, her uncles could tell she was still weak and tired and she did not want to show it, but her paleness gave her away.

"I'll stay here," Alex said. "I want to spend time with my lovely lifemate and daughter."

Manolito said, "No, you must feed and provide for Lil."


"It's what a man would do. Provide fro his family."

Alex couldn't argue with that. He handed Suzianna to Liliana and gave them each a kiss. He walked between Zacarias and Manolito as he and the De La Cruz brothers left to hunt.

Once they were gone Liliana sat down and sighed and began breast feeding, her body felt heavy and it was taking so much for her to stay awake but she did so for Suzi.

Zacarias remained silent as they walked but Rioden kept talking about random things until Rafael eventually told him to shut up which started a brawl that had them both turn into wolves and tumble into the forest. Manolito rolled his eyes and looked at Alex "How are you feeling....almost losing Liliana must have shaken you" He asked him

"How do you think?" Alex asked, looking like the child he was. "My world was coming to an end and now it feels like I've been dropped into a new, exciting, and frightening world. I want to be able to take care of Liliana and Suzanna. I just feel... inadequate."

Manolito chuckled "when it comes to lifemates even ancients feel that way," He said softly as they neared a camp with some campers

"Will this feeling ever go away?" Alex asked.

Riordan looked at Alex, rubbing his arm, and said, "Nope. Our wonderful lifemates are here to not only make us happy and keep the darkness at bay, but to remind us that we aren't all powerful. They are here to show us beauty and humble us so that we can appreciate them all the more."

Rafael scuffed "They drive us crazy and wild," he said as he finished feeding

"you will come to love everything they offer even when you fight " Zacarias said in a almost emotionless tone

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