Colby is in labor...Im doing what I can she said to Alex "Push Colby come on you can do it" She said as she helped guide the child's head, she was barely crowning and she needed to get the child out, She could feel the child's discomfort "I know your tired but Colby your child is suffering so push Colby come on" She said in a more stern tone, With a cry Colby started to push once more and Liliana calmed and comforted the child so it would not panic or hurt it self. Once the head was out Liliana could see the cord wrapped around its neck as the source of her discomfort, Liliana put her finger under the cord to relieve the pressure from the child's neck "push! you're almost there!" She said as Colby screamed and gave a really big push that allowed Liliana to pull the baby safe from her, Just in time since Liliana's arm was in so much pain she could barely think. She quickly got the cord from her neck and the walls echoed with the babies first cry.

Rafael stopped in the doorway as he heard his daughter crying. The other brothers and Alex waited for him to move. Finally, Riordan shoved him into the room lightly. That was all it took. Rafael walked into the room and took his daughter from Liliana before going to Colby.

Alex walked in and kissed Liliana. "I thought you were in danger."

Liliana flinched when he took the child because of her arm "there was a vampire but he is dead" She said calmly and stood up with a grunt "Alex can you help me to the other room...I could use your help with something " She said softly to him

"What is it?" Alex asked, taking her to his room. "What do you need, Liliana?" He growled, his fatherly instincts surfacing. "Is it Suzi? Was she hurt?"

Liliana shook her head "Suzi is fine she is sleeping on my back " She said revealing her wing that was camoed to her skin "but...I messed up...I did my best and won but.." She said and removed her clothes revealing the scratches and the horrible looking bt mark "I was could help me with these" She said in a cute bashful tone and blushing. He could tell she was actually embarrassed about getting injured "I feel so stupid...he wasnt even that strong.." She said not meeting his gae

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