Lilianacried out with a low growl and arched her back, she was so hot and sensitive, she was a wild female in her prime, everything about her was wild, her noises her bodies reaction, the way she called to his beast, she was perfect and she was all his.

Alex kissed up her body and said against her breast, "I need you to tell me what you want, Liliana. I don't know what you want if you don't tell me."

With a growl, liliana rolled them until she was on top straddling him, her eyes turned into her dragons and as soon as they did the dragon tattoo on his neck started to burn sending a wave of pleasure through out his body. She planted her hands on his chest and bit her bottom lip " you...all of you...with no boundaries...no control...I want the primal beast warrior I know you are and will be" she said in a seductive tone

He rolled them back over until he was on top and slowly entered her. Then he began moving, massaging her breast in his right hand as his mouth suckled her other. Then, you shall have me. Long, hard, and rough. Just then, Suzi began crying.

Liliana almost felt like crying herself when Suzi started to cry, her need was strong almost to the point of being overwhelming, with a growl and a sigh she looked at Alex, the struggle showing on her face "Ill go..." She said tightening around him making him growl

"No, she's just tired," Alex said. "You have had a hard night. Let me take care of you."

He went to his daughter, picked her up, and began rocking her in his arms. He sang the only lullaby he knew.

(Carpathian lullaby, but imagine a man singing it.)

Liliana walked over to him and wrapped an arm around his waist as she started to sing with him as they both looked down lovely at their daughter, Liliana put black pants on him but left him shirtless so Suzi could feel his warm chest and Liliana dress in an emerald silk gown. In that moment they looked like a loving family, both him and Liliana seemed like ancients in that moment as they comforted their child

Zacarias was beginning to worry about Liliana and went up the stairs. His brothers, minus Rafael, followed him. They opened the door to Alex's room and saw the lifemates together. Zacarias smiled, Nicolas crossed his arms and nodded in approval, and Manolito envied Alex and Liliana.

Unfortunately, Riordan ruined the moment by saying, "Well, if he doesn't become a hunter, he's got a good voice. Many men can use it to woo their women."

Zacarias reached up and slapped Riordan on the back of the head just in time for Alex and Liliana to see. Alex kept his face expressionless, but he felt like he was a failure for not being a fighter like them or his father. He shut himself off so that Liliana wouldn't feel his guilt.

Remeber you can lie to your lifemate..shutting me out only made me know more She said pushing into his head He didn't mean it that way she said before turning to her uncles "Manlito can you and mary take sui for a bit I need some alone time with Alex" She said and saw his face light up

Manolito nodded as Riordan groaned and said, "Now, they are insufferable too! Juliette hasn't let me touch her in..."

"We don't need to hear about how your lifemate is overly sensitive," Manolito said as he carried the baby out of the room. "And if you paid attention, you'd know what that really means."

Riordan stood there shocked as his brothers left the room. He finally snapped out of it when Liliana growled at him. He ran to his lifemate to see if he was going to be a father.

Alex locked the door and asked, "Now that we are alone, what do you want, my love?"

Lilianan smiled "to make you feel like the warrior you already are" She said and tackled him to the bed, kissing him deeply

Colby and the others celebrated the birth of the little girl and Colby told them all Liliana did, letting them know there had been a vampire in the house, though Colby admitted she did not see the fight between it and liliana, nor did she liliananas little girl, which made some of the brothers look worried and on edge, Rafael held the little girl in his arms and she played with his fingers, she bit down on one of them and he chuckled "you're just a feisty little one aren't you" he said and to his surprise the little one sounded like she growled, which made Colby and some of his brothers chuckle "And so it begins" Manolito said in a teasing tone as Rafael handed the girl to Colby to be feed "ok enough joke everyone out no one sees my lifemates breast but me" He said ushering them out as Colby rolled her eyes

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