Spectacular Beginnings My Foot!!!!

Amera's face paled. The man was beyond gorgeous. Her heart began to race and she became flushed. Her reaction to seeing him was frightening. Andor's fists clenched under the table. That woman was his. His reaction shocked him. He slept with women, but he didn't get attached.

Savannah stood up and the whole table followed her backstage. They were lead to a room just off the stage where they waited. As the applause died down, in walked the magician and his assistant. Both of them greeted Savannah and Gregori.

Amera turned to run, but Darius grabbed a hold of her. It looked like he was holding a flailing child. She needed to get out. She knew who the man was and after what happened earlier, she wanted no part in a lifemate. She had to escape, if only her father would let her go.

Gregori wasn't able to shake hands with the Magician, because he was fighting to keep Andor in check. He was punch a few time for his effort, but he held on. Still, Andor managed to get free and almost made it to the Magician when two human bodyguards threw Andor on his ass.

Seren came around in nothing but a silk robe and bent down to Andor meeting his gaze "careful if you break anything we pay for it" she said in a teasing tone standing back up and walking over to the couch with Zack, he was sitting and smoking a cigarette as Seren put her legs in his lap "so Savannah these are friends of yours?" Zack asked in a low tone while placing his free hand on Serens legs "Yes they are..may we speak to you both privately...well Darius and Tempest need to more" Se said looking at them in a way where they knew what needed to be done

Savannah had to run after Amera when Darius let her go. She stood down the hall, shaking. Gregori picked Andor up by the arm, who still fought to get to Serena. Gregori had enough forced civility and threw Andor out the door after his sister.

"What was that?" was all Gregori asked.

Amera shook her head, not wanting to speak, knowing what would happen. Andor had to be punched twice before he finally settled for pacing. Though Gregori noted that he slowly moved towards him.

They found their lifemates at the exact same time, Gregori told Savannah. Leave it to Darius' twins be the first two Carpathians to find their lifemates together.

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