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Seren and Zack looked at the couple "Your children are...energetic " Jack said trying to be nice, serene chuckled "Twins do seem to be an odd bunch for the Carpathians" she said with a smile that could melt hearts.

Zack looked at Darius "I know what she is and do not worry I have no want or need to claim her yet, she is far too young" He said flicking his cigarette into the ash tray. Seren looked at them as well "And as nice looking as your son might be I have no desire to join the Carpathian world just yet, I am young after all" She said in a polite tone

Tempest sighed happily and said, "Thank you, Zack. Amera seems to have a desire to become stronger, and Andor jumps in head first, only thinking after he is neck deep in trouble. I appreciate that you are allowing them to mature."

Darius nodded and said, "I understand that it is difficult to be around your mate and not claim her, but if you would like to travel with our band, you are more than welcome to join us."

zack smiled"As you can see me and serene are booked, the show will help and so will Seren, your daughter will get her time" he said standing up and shaking Darius hand and tempest. Seren did the same "tell your son to grow up strong, I'm a wild one" She said jokingly. They both wished them safe travels and said their goodbyes to Savannah and Gregori through their mental connection so not to make things worse by seeing Andor and Amera again

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