Father or solider?

Gregori had to put his arm around her to help stand and said, "You should have done as you were told, Anya. It was too dangerous for you."

Anya forced her arm away from him "What were you thinking! you were hurt and yet you tried to take on three vampires, when are you going to stop treating me like Im not capable of anything! I train harder than anyone else just so you do not have to protect this family alone but you never give me any credit!" She said yelling at him. She then looked to her sister and mother "Why does it seem to be so wrong if a woman wants to do more than hide or take care of the house hold" She said and then looked back at her father "I refuse to be like that and if the prince wont allow me to be a hunter than I'll do it on my own!" She said. Suddenly her father slapped her hard across the face, enough to make her look to the side "You may think its ok to disobey me but you are never to disobey your prince, is that understood?" he asked, not in a yelling tone but in a dark dangerous tone that others feared from him. Anya looked back at him , her cheek red "Sometimes I wonder if your my father...or just a obedient solider" She said and ran off..

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