Anger and A Rescue

Janovich rose and looked at the bed of leaves. He roared when he looked at the wall, seeing that the mount of the chain was gone. He became a wolf and began to hunt Julietta. When he got to the river, he paced. He used his mental link to find her. He dove into the water and pulled her out by the chain. He dragged her back to the bed by the chain and threw her onto it.

"You ran AWAY?!" he asked as he got on top of her, shoving into her and pounding hard and fast. His hands gripped her throat so hard, she couldn't speak, let alone breath. "I told you what would happen if you left me! If I can't have you, then no one can!" He came inside her. "One for the road, you traitorous whore!"

Just as she was about to black out, Rodger flung Janovich off of her and began punching him. Julian ran to Julietta, ripped open his wrist, and put it to her mouth as he made her body take in air. Darius entered her body and began healing her while keeping her heart pumping. She vaguely saw the other men in her family come to pull Rodger off the now unconscious Janovich and drag them both out of the cave.

She didn't want to be seen like this, it was too much, she shrunk back and her cat emerge, making her stop feeding from her father, the large cat laid there with whip marks and collar marks all over it look at them with fierce eyes but was too weak to get up, it passed out just as Darius returned to his body

Darius nodded and Julian picked up his daughter, leaving her in her cat form, knowing she needed to stay in that form for now. They carried her to the camp and took her to Gregori. The women wept, but Desari had to be held back.

"I'll make sure she and the child will live," Gregori promised, "but her mind is different."

"I can help with that," Syndil said. "I have been in a similar situation. Barack will talk to Mikhail, Julian, and Rodger to come up with a proper p-p-punishment." She started weeping. "My son... hurt her.... If he were a vampire, it would be easier to just end it but he isn't."

The cat stirred, moaning in discomfort from Juilettas mental state, her pain brought her form back for a minute, her scared mangled hand from the sun and hitting the wall, her broken nails and cut hair but most disturbing was her lifeless eyes all where on display for everyone to see

Julian growled but kept looking at Julietta with the loving expression she remembered. Gregori kept his face unreadable, remembering Anastasia.

However, Syndil remembered how it felt and surprisingly took over leadership by saying, "Gregori, heal her. Julian, only you, me, Gregori, and Darius should be in this RV right now. Keep everyone else out, especially her lifemate. Darius, I need you to take care of the baby."

"What are you going to do?" Gregori asked.

"I'm going to talk to her about my similar experience," she said. "I'll bring her back and be a sister to her as well as her aunt. But we have to do this before we lose her."

Everyone immediately set to work.

A single blood red tear slowly fell from her eye as her will to live left her, the only one connected enough to tell would be her father and her lifemate, slowly her eyes started to close as se started to close herself off to the world

Julian went to her mind and said, Don't! Please, baby! Syndil needs to talk to you! I need you! Come back to us!

Syndil took her hand and made the room go dark. She laid next to Julietta. Darius remembered how she had looked after Savon had gotten to her, and it was indeed similar to Julietta right now.

"Julietta," Syndil said, "my talent isn't healing others, but I would like you to listen to me. After I finish, if you still want to retreat, we will let you become your cat for a time." She looked at the men, daring them to say something. "However, if you wish it, once you and the baby are well, us two mothers to be will stay in the dark together. Can you do this for us? Give me a chance to talk to you before you go to heal your mind?"

The mention of the baby brought her back slightly enough to be able to listen to her

"A few years before you were born and months before your father joined our family," Syndil began, "we had a brother named Savon. He grew up with us and we loved him very much. One day, while everyone was hunting and Darius was healing in the earth, Savon called to me, wanting to show me a rare plant. I went to him, thinking nothing of it." Tears formed in her eyes. "He attacked me, taking my blood and innocents roughly. Darius had to kill him to save me because he had become a vampire. For months, I stayed in the form of a leopard. I couldn't face my family. I felt dirty, like I had made him attack me." She squeezed Julietta's hand, showing how hard it was to relive the ordeal. "Everyone changed. The men watched each other and I grew apart. I thought they were judging me, blaming me for what had happened. But that was not the case. Savon chose to do those things and chose to become a vampire... j-just like J-Janovich did. No, he isn't a vampire, b-but a male that was like a brother hurt both of us, making us feel unworthy. When Barack claimed me, I couldn't believe, no, I didn't want to believe he could love me. But he does, and our family does. And it's the same with you. What you were put through, it is on my... my..." She couldn't bring herself to be connected to someone that was as bad as Savon, so she instead said as the tears finally fell, "on your attacker. You are beautiful, and we love you. And your lifemate? He has already agreed to travel with us if you want him too. You can stay with us. He even said that he will raise your baby as his own. We both have wonderful lifemates, Julietta. Yours may not have known you for a thousand years, but you are already a treasure to him. We love you just as you are. We don't care that your attack cut your hair. It will grow back." She showed Julietta her hand. "These scars, they are badges of courage." She put her hand over the baby. "And this little one will be more than loved by all of us, just as you are. Will you come back to us? Please?"

Images of her and Jan growing up together flashed through her head, them smiling and laughing, and then it changed to him in the cave and she winced, her form started to change into her cat as she shrunk back Its my fault....its all my fault....I'm have suffered so much and because of me you and Jan have both were lucky to have Barack.... it will not be the same for me....the child deserves a better family she said not recognizing it as her own I have no lifemate...I have no family....may the child take it all....the child will replace me...I have no more fight left in me...I'm one knew...but before all this I was planning on greeting the dawn.....out people suffer so much...we have lost so much....I feel it....every haunts matter what I do I feel the pain....I just want it to stop...

"It is not your fault, sweetie," said Syndil. "And no one can replace you. I know you have a lifemate. Janovich... he has suffered a great deal in his life, but none of it is yours to bear. We need you. Your child, your parents, all of us. You show us how to be strong, Julietta. Even now, when you say you want it to end, you are helping. There are two men out there, they have yet to find their lifemates. Not only do you give them hope because their brother found you, but you have helped take the heavy burden centuries of loneliness and a gray world has put on them. Did you know you were doing that? Giving them a small piece of yourself, your emotions, to them? That's why we have protected you. You drew our males to you because you could do that. I noticed it at the concert. You are special to everyone, Julietta. We love you and this gift, from what those two told me when I asked them last rising, you healed them enough for them to feel like there was hope in this world. Julietta, you are the embodiment of hope. Don't throw away such wonderful gifts. You have a child growing within you that Darius can tell is so bonded with you, no other parent will do. You have a lifemate that already treasures you so much, he was willing to go against the prince to save you, even if it meant his own death. You have a family that adores you and knows your true worth. And you have people that will see you as a guardian angle, a savior when times are so dark and bleak that no light can touch them. You are hope."

Her form started to form back to her normal self and very slowly she looked at her I dont understand....I never met them have I helped anyone she said for the first time with some emotion in her eyes

Syndil said, "You exist, Julietta. Just being next to you, you lift every burden. Your smile, the light in your eyes, and even when you back talk. You make our world lighter. Unclaimed male simply have to be in your presence and their burden is lifted enough to keep them going for centuries more. You are young and your powers are still developing, but that is my best guess and it seems the prince shares my opinion. We can't help but feel lighter when you are around. This is an ability that helps everyone, and we are happy you have it. We love you, Julietta. And if you let me, I will help you. I know something of having a strange ability. I heal the earth. Both of our abilities are rare, and are highly useful to our people. Will you help me bring hope to our people with your wonderful ability?"

Julietta moved slightly to look up more at her and syndil would feel the break in her as she cried out in anguish, letting Syndil in "I'm was so horrible....I want my friend back.....I want to be happy again....i feel so dirty please help me" She said crawling into the woman's lap, laying her head down on her lap and started crying, her pain being felt by anyone around her, she wanted to help others but her will to live died so long ago and losing Jan and made it worse. She clung to her like her life depended on it "please! help hurts so much I just want it to end but I cant....Ive tried to meet the dawn so many times but something has always stopped me...I want to help...but I dont know how"

Syndil held her and rocked her as she said, "I know, sweetie, I know. None of us know how our abilities can be useful until we are called upon to use them. Let me in, Julietta, and I will help you. You are not dirty. If you are, then so am I. And if I can find my lifemate and be happy once more, then so can you. He is waiting for you to come to him. In time, we will get Jan back, but he is broken too. If you listen, you can hear him."

Everyone in the RV was quiet, and Janovich's voice could be heard as he talked to the prince, weeping, "I know I hurt her! I saw Jennifer nearly destroy herself and I saw her lifemate practically dead, and something just snapped! I wanted to try with Julietta to see because she always looked so happy and she made everything seem better. I took it too far, I know that. I just... I didn't want to be alone anymore. I'm losing my colors and emotions and I'm not even fifty yet! I was scared and wanted to hold on a little longer! I shouldn't have done it, a part of me knew that, but... fear doesn't allow us to think clearly. I let it take over. I can never make it up to her. I'm afraid if I see her now, I'll try to hurt her again. I'll greet the dawn and take everything with me, all the blame and guilt. It's solely mine to bear. Tell her I'm sorry and I hope she can be happy with her lifemate, okay?"

His voice made her cower which would anger the males around her more She said covering her ears I cant...please...I cant

Then, Mikhail spoke, "Janovich, you are young. I can feel you speak the truth, but that does not change what you have done. Your father pleaded heavily on your behalf, and I see that you are wanting to end it all. However, I will not allow that. Instead, you will go to the De La Cruz Ranch in Brazil. You and Julietta need to spend time apart, you need to train, and this will show you, in a light form, what you did to her. When Nicolas feels you are ready, you and Julietta will reunite. The child she caries will not be yours, even though it caries your genes. The child will be Julietta and Rodger's child. Any affiliations you have will be as an uncle and not as a father. You will leave this night, now preferably. Your very voice makes her shiver in fear. I will escort you to Zacarias, who is planning on leaving this night."

"I understand," Janovich said, his voice filled with sorrow.

Then, both of their presences were gone.

When they were gone she relaxed a little "I want to see my parents...please" She said to syndil

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