A Family Again

Gregori said, "You couldn't torture me if you tried. You wouldn't like seeing me in pain."

"who said anything about pain? we both know I know your weakness gregori...." she said in a sinful tone

Mikhail said, "Raven, why are you doing this? I have done nothing wrong. Nor would you like to seem me tortured. It would be unsettling to you."

Raven got closer to his face "you know you have done wrong....and I have been in torture since you left....you realize stefan had to keep us from meeting the dawn..." she said in a uneven tone "I want to hear everything that happened...I want to know why I had to endure so much and if it was worth it...because nothing...and I mean nothing is worth being without you" she said in a softer tone trying to hold back tears

Raven's words sank in. He hugged her to him and said, "Gregori feared for my life, so he put me in this cave. Anya appeared, but it wasn't Anya. She had been possessed by some vampires. She attacked me for my blood, which she got. Later, she was saved, but she nearly killed herself so that a fake ritual could be complete. Gregori, Dracul, and Anastasia had to fight to heal her and bring her back to us."

"Im sorry...its still not worth losing you over.." she said hugging him tightly burying her head into his chest

"is all that true? is that what happpened?" Savannah asked looking at gregori

Gregori nodded then noticed her left arm was behind her back. His eyes narrowed and he pulled her arm to him. He removed the long sleeves and growled.

"Savannah, you are injured," he said.

She flinched and tried to pull her arm away "im fine..." she said defiantly "do not change the subject......" when he saw he was not going to drop it before he could speak she said "Raven is hurt too! yeah worse then me!" she said ratting her out

Raven stepped quickly away from mikhail and turned to her with a shocked expression "dont think you can rat me out! your the one who had to be chained" raven said in a accusing tone

"you had to be put to sleep!" Savannah retorted

Suddenly they were both bolting for the door trying to get away from their mates

Mikhail and Gregori appeared in front of their runaway lifemates. Mikhail was laughing at Raven, understanding her position. He kissed her and apologized for putting her through the separation a second time. Gregori was furious and told Savannah to have more faith in him.

"your not fully forgiven yet...but I can think of some ways.." she said taking his hand ans walking outside with him "lets go home.."

once they were gone Savannah looked at gregori "its not about trust...." she said holding her hurt arm "its about...its about...god! it was helll...I couldnt breath...I could sleep...I wanted to die...not hearing your voice...feeling you...I wanted to rip my own heart out! im a bad mother too...all I could think about was you....not them....if I had lost you....I...couldnt live without you not even for them.." she couldnt help it and started crying "what you did was beyond torture...it was the worse thing I have ever felt in my entire life....I begged...begged them to kill me....I would have done anything just to hear your voice again" she started pacing, her heart speed up "the pain of the sun hitting my arm was heaven compared to what I felt not having you...I cant...Gregori please dont leave me" she said falling to her knees and covering her face in her hands, her whole body shook "your my whole world...without you..there is no me.."

"Savannah, you would have felt my death," he said, kneeling down and holding her to him. "You knew I wasn't dead. I had to get our daughter back, but I was in pain. If I had contacted you, the enemy would have known and tortured you through me. I know it was tough, but I had to keep you safe from them."

"to me if felt like you were dead!...no....it was worse...I dont know how to explain...it....I just know I can never go through that again.....please...promise me no matter what...you wont do that again...I will take any pain...any torture over the feeling of losing you" she said embracing him tightly

"I've kept you from entering my mind before, Savannah," he pointed out. "You knew I was alive. What was... oh, the barrier. I was temporarily a prisoner of Draven's. I couldn't communicate because of his barrier."

She didnt say anything but just continued to shake, she knew now what she had went through

"Savannah, I'm sorry you felt I had left you," he said. "But I would fight all of hell to return to you. I wouldn't care if I came back as one of those zombies from the movies Anya seems to like. I would still come back. That is a promise."

She stopped crying slowly and moved out of his arms and stood up "lets just go home..." she said in a emotionless tone

"Don't do that," he said. "I want to see you smile. I promise never to shut myself off from you unless I need to protect you. You will always know I am alive." He took a rock and blew on it. He pulled out a necklace with a red gem in the middle. "If I should lose my life, unlikely as that is, this stone will turn black. Will this make you feel better?"

"or you could just never shut you mind to me..." she said looking tired, the smell of her blood started to fill the room and the sleeve covering the burn started getting dark

"I've told you I can't change who I am, Savannah. I do not want you to feel my pain, or see me make a kill. It's bad enough I often have to return to you with death on my hands. And that you follow me half the time. A habit I still can't seem to keep you from doing. Still, in those instances, you could reach out and touch me. You may not enter my mind, but you would know I was alive. This will ease your mind for when I'm forced to not speak to you and you can't touch me."

She took a step back "no! you cant ever do that to me again....and if you didnt shut me out maybe I wouldnt follow you" she said crossing her arms and flitching

He took her arm and said, "I cannot change who I am. You have accepted me and my protective ways before, Savannah. This is no different. I am not asking you to change."

He began healing her arm. He could not change. She knew that. Her fear beat at him. He had to prove to her that it would be fine, but he would not change who and what he is.

She pulled her arm away from him "save your strength we still need to get home" she said and started toward the exit with defeat and fear in her heart, hopelessness echoed in her mind

Gregori said, "I will not make a promise I know I can't keep. If I had my way, you would stay home all the time where it is safe. Yet, I still find myself doing things to see you smile. So..." he pulled out a brochure. "What about going to Las Vegas with the girls? I know you wanted to see what it's like. I'm sure we will find enough excitement there to make you happy." He he pulled her close, his voice dripping sarcasm as he said, "You know I just love large crowds."

"um...sure but can it wait? I want to spend time with the boys...they are still young and I want them to get the sense of home..." she said in a soft tone, sadness still on her face "can we go now...I dont like it here" she said looking away from him "I just want to go home"

"As long as I am with you, I am home," he said. "Let's get our boys and our girls and go back to our house in the mountains. We can rebuild what Xavier and his minions tried to destroy."

She didnt respond but just kept walking

Gregori pulled her to him and kissed her deeply. He showed her what it was like for him, the pain, seeing Anya being controlled, chained up away from her, the battle. She also saw how sick it made him that she was forcing him to show her what had happened.

"How can I not protect you from the darkness I face every day?" he asked. "I don't want such ugliness to ever touch you."

"just like you would willing share my burdens I want to do the same....why do you deny me this?" she asked in a soft tone "if you want me safe at home...then let me share in your burdens when you are away..." she said in a tone full of love

"Not when I make a kill," he said. "And I can't allow you to feel my pain." He smiled. "Of course, you've gotten so good at staying a shadow in my mind, I've had a hard time detecting you. I may slip up one of these days. It makes me proud that you have used my knowledge to learn many things. But I will still try to protect you from the darkness."

"I have learned many things Gregori...but one thing I will not want a repeat of is that hell you put me through when I could not talk to you....do you realize that if you would have let me be in your mind that we could have been more prepared? if you would have told me you were hiding mikhail we could have put raven to sleep before hand...she almost lost the baby gregori..." she said looking away from him...I have seen my fair share of darkness...you are doing me no favors by keeping it to yourself...because I still see it...everytime you come home I see it...on your face....in your mind and heart....im supose to be your light....maybe the darkness would not be so dark if i was there sharing the burden"

"Stubborn woman," Gregori said with a smile. "If you examined my gift with more than your eyes, you would see the hidden treasure. You still spend too much time with humans."

"you dare call me stubborn? no that title goes to you...now what treasure?"

"Press the gem and no matter what, you will feel my heart beat," he said. "If I am in a barrier like I was tonight, you will still reach me." He showed her his hand. "I have a ring that connects to your locket. Since it's not a mind touch, they can't block it." He pressed the ruby on his ring and she felt her locket heat up slightly. "It even tells you when I'm trying to contact you. If you don't answer, I know you are in danger or busy with the children. If I don't answer, I'm making a kill."

"what if someone takes the ring or necklace?" she asked crossing her arms

Gregori took the ring off and Savannah felt her locket vibrate in warning. She was filled with a need to find him or send help to him. Seeing fear light her eyes, he put the ring back on.

"Happy?" he asked.

She growled and then looked away "for now...." she said in a stubborn tone "so...I can feel your heart beat huh?" she said before kissing him passionately and the pressing the necklace

She felt his heart beat through her fingers. It was quick with anticipation.

"Yes," he said. "But I thought you wanted to see our sons."

"I do...I was just checking to see if it was really you...though IM still not fully convinced...maybe your being possessed too" she said teasingly and started to move out of his arms

He groaned and said, "You are testing me and I am failing, Savannah."

"me? test you? the great dark one? no one would dare" she said teasingly with the naughty smile he loved so much

He growled and ripped her clothes off of her. He had to have her now. This very second. He kissed her deeply and pinned her to wall.

She was so caught of guard that she gasped, it was unlike him to jump on her like this, she broke the kiss "what...are you doing crazy man..this is no place to..."

He kissed her again, his clothes coming off of him in shreds. He lifted one of her legs and entered her hard and fist, melding their minds together. Without realizing it, he shared his own fears with her from when he was chained up in the cave, unable to feel her mind. He laid still, but inside, the beast roared to break the chains and search for her. He knew she was safe, but that didn't ease his mind. The brief moment he had between his prison and the cave the house Mikhail allowed him a second where he touched her mind and knew she lived, allowing him to do his duty.

She cried out and he went inside her, she was so tight it stung but it added to the pleasure, his thoughts made her feel more connect to him, safer, She jumped up and wrapped both legs around his waist pulling her body close to his by wrapping her arms around his neck, she moaned his name in his ear, let him feel her need for him her love for him

He moved his hips as if his very life depended on it. Everything he felt, fear and love and joy, all of his feeling for her directed his movements. He couldn't tell her with words what she meant to him, so he let his body do the talking. He brought her to the edge several times, only to slow down and bring her away from it. When she cried his name out, begging for release, he finally gave it to her. His seed flowed freely into her, filling her like never before.

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