Liliana had woke before Alex and decided to start training before he woke up, her knuckled and legs burned as she practiced sparing with the dummy that Rafael had made before he left for them.

Her body was covered in sweat, her hair was up in a bun, she was wearing nothing under her black tank top, and her long tight black pants were fitting her body like a second skin

"Hey there, warrior woman," said Alex. "You're looking good. We are about two days drive from Darius' camp. Andor and Amera are excited. Can you believe Zacarias says they are some of the best warriors of our age group?" He chuckled jokingly. "I don't know if I should be insulted or if you should be."

"let them say what they want....they have not seen what we are capable of yet..." she said punching the dummy again

"Well, do you want to go out and enjoy ourselves before we meet up with Darius?" he asked, not noticing the twins enter.

"You skipping training again, Alex?" Amera asked.

Liliana gave one more good wack tot he dummy for she stopped to turn towards the twins, she was not good with meeting new people so she went over by alex, pretending to pack up her things after giving them a nod of hello

"I'm not skipping," said Alex. "I'm just spoiling my lifemate."

"Right," said Amera. "You are so far behind, a five year old could beat you in a fight."

"Hey!" said Alex.

"Saids the girl that needs her brother to fight..." liliana said behind alex as she was putting her stuff in her bag

"well not everyone can turn into a two ton lizard and fly away" Andor said sarcastically which earned him a growl from liliana

"She is highly talented, isn't she?" said Alex, pulling Liliana close, kissing her neck. "And she's a wonderful mother."

"If you two are going to do that," said Amera, "at least wait until we leave!"

"I will not hold off showing my affections to my lifemate because of your virgin mary mind" Liliana said wrapping her arm around Alex's waist

"She's right have modesty...something a mind like hers lacks" Andor said with a smirk

Liliana moved to step towards him

Alex grabbed her and said, "They are just children, my love. And childish minds can't understand our love."

"We are the same age!" said Amera.

"you sure dont act like it" Liliana said with a growl and picked up her bag and started to walk away

"your right...but not every one can reach your level of slutty todler" Andor said.

By the time Liliana bag hit the ground she had already tackled Andor and they were both in a full on fight

Amera went to break them apart but Alex stopped her and said, "This is good practice."

Amera growled and said, "Don't ever tell me not to help my brother!"

Within moments, Alex and Amera were fighting as well. Alex had to admit, Amera was more skilled than him, but he was faster. Eventually, Manolito and MaryAnn materialized with Suziana.

"What is going on here?" Manolito asked.

"Alex was going to skip training again," said Amera, knowing lying or saying nothing at all only made things worse.

"I saw Liliana training hard," said Alex. "I thought she deserved a break."

"That's enough," he said. "Since I'm your chaperone on this trip, it is my duty to educate you. Alex, you will stay here and train some more." Amera smirked at him. "With everyone else." Her face fell. "You all seem to have excess energy. So, go train."

Andor and Liliana were too heated to even noticed others arrive, they kept fighting, suddenly they both found a opening at the same time, Liliana grabbed his arm and hit it with brute force, a sickening snap followed at the same time Andor got a nice hit to her rib cage, a equally sickening sound followed, with the both of them growling in pain, Andor fell holding his arm and Liliana fell holding her side, they were both breathing heavy and looking furious at one another

"Didnt see any wings when your arm snapped did you?" liliana said through the pain "no but I saw a weak spot you left opened....typical for a woman" Andor said

They both started to look like they were about to go at it again

Manolito pulled them apart and said, "Since you two seem to be such friends, you two will work together and spar with Amera and Alex." He healed their injuries quickly, but thuroughly. "I will be watching. Let's get this over with. Suziana wants her birth parents but they are acting like children."

Liliana clenched her fist, hating when he used her daughter against her "Fine...try to keep up" she said walking by Andor and brushing his shoulder as she did which earned her a low growl from him.

Liliana sparred with Amera while Andor sparred with Alex

Amera seemed to be holding her own against Liliana, showing how good she was. Alex, however, kept losing the matches for them. His lack of skill showed against Andor's superior tactics.

After three hours of this, Manolito said, "Enough! Do you have it all out of your systems?"

What only Alex would know was liliana was holding back why Amera was giving it her all, making her tire quicker and mess up often, but Liliana still kept going at the same past so she could last longer and remain tactical

"Answer me," said Manolito. "Do you have this fighting out of your systems?"

"sure" Andor said If you call that fighting he said sarcastically to Amera in her head. Alana kept her face expressionless as she nodded and laughed in Andor's head.

"yes I would like to go see my daughter now" Liliana said

Alex wiped blood from his nose and said, "Yeah, I'm good. I would like to see Suziana as well."

MaryAnn waved them over, their daughter cooed as if she were calling to them. Alex's heart melted at the sight of his daughter. He took Liliana'a hand as they walked towards her.

"That's so sweet, I'm going to be sick," said Amera.

"Make sure to throw up on your brother then" Liliana said right before her and Alex walked out of ear range

Andor growled "One day someone is going to...." he trailed off and took a deep breath "not even worth it" he said and started walking back towards the house

Amera followed her brother. She couldn't stand to look at them.

Alex picked up his daughter and kissed her. "Hello, little one. I have missed you."

She grabbed onto his face and smiled and when Liliana tried to get close to Alex suzi got all upset "hog,...." Liliana said crossing her arms trying to hide a smile

Alex smiled. "Suziana, I have enough love for the both of you." He handed her to Liliana. "Why not share your love with your mother now?"

SHe started to cry and hold her arms out for Alex, liliana smiled "its fine take her...let her enjoy it now cause when she gets older then I can fight her for you" she said teasingly sticking her tongue out at suzi, which suzi gave her the same look in return

Alex laughed and took his daughter back. "Why is she so attached to me? I thought children bonded more with their mothers."

"Who knows..." liliana said and looked away but not before he saw her cheeks were red, letting him know she was keeping something from him "lets go back to the house its almost her nap time anyways.."

His smile fell and he said, "Talk to me, Liliana. What is wrong?"

"I just want to put her down before we will be a while before we see her again" she said with pain in her tone

"Then, Suziana needs to be loved by you. I'll go hunt for us while you two bond."

He handed Suzi to Liliana again and disappeared before Suziana could complain and reach for him again.

Hey! I wanted to spend alone time with you too you know she said into his head as she went to the house to put suzi down

You will, my love, he said with a laugh. For now, shower our daughter with affection. I will be home shortly.

She did what he said and was happy to do so, once she was sound asleep she decided to take a hot shower while she waited for Alex to get back

Alex waited until Liliana was in the shower and Suziana was asleep in the other room. He decorated the room and waited as mist in the room. He couldn't wait to see her face when she walked out.

Once she was down with the shower, she put on her silk rob that was black and blue with a golden dragon on the back and that clung to her body, she was drying her hair when she came out, she flipped it over her head and wrapped in the towel and then looked up, she jumped in surprise and her cheeks turned pink "Alex this better be your doing or Im about to kick someones ass for coming into my room" she said looking around for him

He appeared behind her with a bouquet of snap dragons, which he gave to her as he wrapped his arms around her. "Naturally, I did this. We never got a real honeymoon, so I thought we could make up for that."

She chuckled taking the flowers "arnt you a year late on that?" she said teasingly

"Every other time I planned on doing this, something happened," he said. "Why do you think I tried to take you out all those times? Just before we got to our destination, either we were called back for training, or a minor vampire appeared, or your uncles found us first. This is the only time it actually worked out how I wanted it to. Were you surprised?"

She nodded "Of course I was" she said with a sincere tone, turning in his arms and hugging him

He kissed her deeply and carried her to the bed. They had made love before, but it was always quick since the sun had been rising. Now, they had the whole night and he intended to pamper Liliana.

She chcukled "I just took a shower and got you plan on getting me dirty again?" she asked teasingly

"No," he said with a smile. "I plan on making love to you, making you feel beautiful and appreciated and loved, and making you scream my name. We will both go back to the showers together later."

She glared at him playfully "I dont think you have what it takes to deliver such a promise.....I mean judging by the sparing you did today I...."

He unwrapped the towel and began suckling her breast and his hand found her core. Can I help it if I wanted to watch the sexiest woman alive spar? You were so beautiful, I couldn't take my eyes off of you.

She gasped and gripped the sheets "dont use an excuse for your bad....form" she said in between moans

He laughed, sending pleasurable vibrations through her. Honey, with you as my partner and your uncles as my teachers, I could never have bad form. I am telling you the truth. I was so caught up in your beauty that I couldn't look away. Since it wasn't a real match, I knew I could afford the glances. When have I ever let you down in a real battle?

She groaned and used her legs to flip him on his back and roll on top of him, straddling him "if thats true then spar with me" she said teasingly leaning down and grazing his neck with her fangs

He laughed and said, "You always win. You have experience on your side. That and you are so beautiful, and you distract me with your eyes. If I ever have a chance of winning, you give me those big puppy dog eyes I can't ignore."

"you know what I hear...Excuses" she said and bit into his neck deep, teasing his skin with her tongue

He gasped and said, "You don't play fair and you know it."

She reached between his legs and started stroking him as she still teased his neck No...your just losing

"I told you I always do," he said. "And I happily surrender to you. My beautiful lifemate."

She closed the bit mark on his neck and sat up slowly taking him inside her, so deep his tip was hitting her womb

The air left his lungs. His hips began to move on their own. He gripped her hips so he could thrust into her deeply. It felt like an eternity since they had made love like this.

Her gasped moans echoed their room and she had to plant her hands on his chest, her hair fell foreward, teasing his sides and chest

He rolled so that she was on the bottom. He had to reach the very essence of her.

"Liliana," he chanted, screaming her name to the very heavens as he took them over the edge.

But he didn't stop. He knew they needed more. He pulled out, happy to hear her cry of bereft. He rolled her over until she was on all fours and entered her again. He leaned forward and massaged her breasts. Still, he wanted more of her.

She was even tighter in this position, so much it was almost painful "bite me Alex....I need you too" she said moving her hair to the left side, this was the first time she asked him to do a sign of submission, the first time she begged him to let her summit to him

He growled with satisfaction. Using his teeth, he pinned her to the bed. His thrusts became rougher and reached her deepest core. She fell over the edge in an endless orgasm. When he finally joined her in the free fall, both were spent, his body pinning her to the bed, and sated for the moment.

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