Alex smiled at Liliana as he held their daughter. Manolito was agitated. They all knew how to fly. Amera listened to music her aunt had sent to her.

"Why must we use this contraption that could fall out of the sky again?" Manolito asked his lifemate.

Marryann chuckled and rubbed his hand "because little suzi is still to young to fly love" she said with a soft smile

Andor sat next to Amera with his own headphones on and music playing

Lilianan pasted a sleeping suzi to Alex "Ill be right back.." she said getting up and going towards the plane bathroom, a handsome man stepping out of the one she was waiting for smiled at her, his thoughts on her body alone "hey gorgeous" he said with a charming smile.

Alex growled and everyone on the plane looked around for the animal that was loose. Amera shook her head. Manolito got up to go to Liliana, reminding her that MaryAnn wanted them to travel like normal people, and to show the man that she had protection from men like him.

She sighed and moved around the man and went into the bathroom, the man looked at Manolito and nodded walking away quickly, his fear was plain to see to Manolito.

Once she was inside the restroom she locked the door, no sooner than she did she hurled into the toilet

"Are you alright, Lil?" Manolito asked. "This thing is making me queasy. I wish we had used a different method to travel back to the ranch."

"Im fine ...this is my first time flying" she admitted "ill be out in a moment" she said softly

Manolito said, "I understand. Well, we are two hours from Brazil now. If you can hold on just a little longer, I'll do my best to do the same."

She made a noise letting him know she agreed, inside the bathroom she was hugging her knees, her heart was pounding, fear bated at her, though she made sure to hide it from Alex and everyone else

Manolito made his way back to MaryAnn. Amera looked at her brother.

Can you get me a water? You insisted on having the aisle seat, so you get to be my bitch for this flight. Go get me a bottle of water.

you are very needy you know that? but since the attendant isn't bad looking I'll see what I can do he said getting up

Amera decided to play a prank on her brother. As he walked past some passengers, he would catch glimpses of his lifemate. I'm sure. Just get the good water.

He growled in her head And this is why your lifemate looked at you like you were a kid

And yours was all over you! Get the damn water!

Get it yourself he said as he saw him go into the bathroom with the flight attendant

She got up, went to the restroom he was in and said, "Hey, bro, don't forget, your doctor said that her herpes came back and you need to be careful."

Nice try amera but she didnt hear shit now go sit back down like a good kid, you have no business here when adults are playing he said and she would hear the womans moans coming from the bathroom

Amera punched the door and stomped back to her seat, grabbing a water on her way through. She put her music back on, took a drink, and looked out of the window. When Andor came back, he could tell she had been crying.

He said nothing to her, simple continued play his music and reading a magazine

Liliana finally came out of the bathroom and sat back down by Alex, she smiled softly at him "why dont you give suzi to Manitoulin he is having a hard time with the flight"

Alex smiled and handed Suzi to Manilito. He noticed Amera and Andor on his way back.

"Hey," he said, "everything okay?"

Amera got up and walked past them, purposfully stepping on Andor's foot hard.

"Nothing!" Amera said. "All this lifemate crap is making me sick. I'm going to the bathroom."

Alex looked at Andor. "What did you do?"

"nothing she is throwing a tantrum" he said with a shrug and continue reading

Liliana sighed and closed her eyes leaning back into the seat, obviously stressed. Alex reached out and gave her a one-handed massage.

She smiled softly but kept her eyes closed

He said, "Andor, you know she doesn't throw tantrums without a reason. What did you say or do to her that would piss her off?"

Andor growled "let me make one thing clear she does throw tantrums for no reason a lot that being said I am not her keeper do not blame me for every problem she has I am getting tired of it and her" he said in a tone that let him know that was the end of the conversation

Alex sighed, sat next to Liliana and whispered, "He called her a kid again, didn't he? Does he know?"

"In my opinion if she acts like one then she should be prepared to get called out" she said gripping the seat, sweat beading her head, her eyes closing harder and her heart pounding in her chest

"Normally, it wouldn't bother her," said Alex. "But ever since she met that magician she talked about, that word has taken on a hurtful meaning. I'm not saying she wasn't acting childish. I'm just saying that he could have used a different word."

"look if you are so worried about their problems then why dont you go make the child feel better!" she said snapping at him, her nails digging into the chair

"Liliana, are you feeling okay?" he asked. "Look, the fasten seat belt sign just lit up. We will be landing soon."

Amera didn't come back from the restroom. Alex took Liliana's hand, betraying his own discomfort.

"no Im not ok....its unnatural ....I have better wings then this thing....I feel trapped...caged almost" she said honestly

"I think all of us do," said Alex. "Well, except for MaryAnn, Amera, and Andor. This plane ride is unnecessary for us. I don't like this."

She nodded in agreement as the planes wheels made her jump "but....Ill do anything for suzi" she said feeling sick again

"She would have been safe and they know it," said Alex, his face pale. "MaryAnn wanted to feel human for a bit, so Manolito caved. This is his fault. Suzi was only comfortable when she was with us. Even she was sick on the plane."

As the plane came to a stop Liliana groaned "lets get off this damn thing please" she said getting up, her head spinning

Alex agreed. He practically dragged Liliana out of the plan with their things and Suzi in their arms. He found a bench for them and sat down hard.

"I'm never flying in one of those things again," he said.

She felt like she could breath again and nodded in agreement "you and suzi can ride on my back on the way more of that" she said gesturing towards the plane

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