Flying 2

Manolito arrived with MaryAnn and Andor, saying, "Have you seen Amera? She never exited the plane."

"No," said Alex. "Not since Andor and her got into an argument."

"Excuse me," said a man in a large hat. "Which one of you is Andor?"

"me" Andor said

The man smiled and handed him an envelop. "My boss hopes you will accept his invitation." Then he pulled out a gun and shot himself.

Alex put his body in front of Liliana and Suzi, just in case someone the bullet exited towards them. Manolito growled, blurring everyone's view of them.

"Vampire," he said. "Great. Open the envelope. Amera must have flushed herself out of the toilet with the water to get off that death trap. When she took form, they must have grabbed her."

he opened the envelope with a sigh, he read it " since she has gotten herself into trouble once again for making a stupid decision then she can get herself out, its what we have trained for anyways I will not be going to her aid" he said and walked away with his luggage, throwing the letter on top on the guy who shot himself

Manalito saw the photo and grabbed Andor, saying, "We also taught you that you never leave a fellow hunter to the enemy. Did you even look at that photo? The other women in the cages in the back ground? She was bleeding from a wound on the head, so she has a concussion and can't fight." He took on Andor's form. "I'll get her and the other women. Don't be seen, Andor. And you can tell your father how you left your sister in the hands of a master vampire."

Then, Manolito was gone. MaryAnn picked up the picture and letter.

"she deserves it... she is the one that made the dumb decision..thats why she got raped to but a society member cause she still acts like a stupid child" he said with a smirk and a shrug and walked away

To everyone's surprise, Alex stepped in front of Andor as he left and punched him, sending him to the floor. He took the others and left with no other word.

Andor rubbed his jaw "big show for a boy who cant even fight to save himself let alone his lifemate" he said and pushed pasted him

"When things get serious, I know how to get the job done," said Alex. "Liliana and Suzi know this. When we spar, it's okay to hold back. I'll take you one seriously next time, then we will see who has the last laugh."

"I wouldnt dare hurt the future matter how unfit he is for the job" he said sarcastically before he disappeared around a corner

"Alright, I'm kicking his ass," said Alex.

Liliana grabbed his arm and handed him Suzi "some other time love..and Ill help but for now we need to get going"

He nodded and held Suzi to him. They began moving again. If it wasn't for the baby in his arms, he would have showed Andor who the real child was.


Amera woke up dizzy, cursing herself. She had been upset and wanted some air. The vampire came out of nowhere, but only because she hadn't scanned for him. She would get out of this... if only the room would stop spinning.

She sat up, feeling sick. She saw the women around her, many at death's door. A ghoul looked at her, licking his lips. She shivered. She couldn't fight her way out of a paper bag, let alone take on a vampire and his puppets.

She heard him then, the vampire. She glared as the master came into view.

He was large in size, definitely a hunter and a big one at that before he turned, his red eyes looked over her like he wanted to devour her "tell well does that pretty face of yours scream" he asked in a terrifying voice that echoed the room

She put every ounce of contempt in her voice as she said, "It doesn't."

He smiled and suddenly the cage was open and he hand her by the throat "lets see about that" he said and bit deeply into her breast still holding her up

She clenched her teeth. She raked her nails across his neck, blood flowing freely from his throat.

He chuckled and released her, his wounds healing almost instantly "I like your means you will be a good screamer" he said and her clothes disappeared and he bent her over a bloody table, pinning her arms above her head with one hand "now scream" he said and he trusted into her with such force she started to bleed his member was too big it felt like it was tearing her insides

She bit her tongue to keep from screaming, blood filling her mouth. She would not give in. She tried to knock him off of her.

He was to strong and is hard thrust kept her in place "you dont get fucked often do you? your so tight...well thats going to change" he said as he compelled her to scream like like she wanted to.

She tried to fight it, but this was a master vampire and she didn't last long. She screamed in pain, fighting her bonds.

"Get off of me, you asshole!" she yelled.

Suddenly the vampire yelled out in pain, and his blood sprayed on her back, and the vampire disappeared from behind her, when she turned around she would see her brother, his hand through the vampire's chest and the vampire latched on his throat, with a quick motion he threw the heart to amera and him and the vampire went threw a wall into the other room because he pushed him through it when he went towards the heart

Amera gasped in pain. She called forth electricity, but the concussion she suffered and the pain caused her aim to be off. She tried again and managed to hit the heart. Then, she collapsed, fighting to hold on to consciousness.

In the other room the vampires scream echoed, but nothing after that, silence

Manolito appeared. He smelled Andor and smiled. Manolito took on his true form and went to Amera.

"Andor?" she asked.

"We'll get him," he said as he clothed her and began carrying her.

What they saw made their hearts sink. Amera was so overcome with despair that she passed out. It appeared that Andor was... dead.

He laid in a pile of rubble with the vampires ashes all over him, is whole body was soaked in is blood from te deep gaping wound in his neck, e was as pale as snow and was not breathing

Manolito sat Amera down and checked on Andor. He sent himself into his body and healed him from the inside out. When he was done, three hours later, Manolito returned to his body and swayed a little. It wasn't a great job, but Andor wouldn't lose anymore blood.

"So, you do care after all," Manolito said as he sent a call to the brother closest to his location, Zacarias, telling him of the twin's injuries.

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