Out on the Town

Donny said, "It's cool we get the night off from training together. Dad has been super strict and mom is so worried I'm going to rape some random chick like the jaguar men do that she tries to keep me in the jungle. What do you want to do?"

On the T.V. in an electronics shop window, a news broad cast played, "This young lady was just signed as the new opening to the band, The Dark Troubadours. She goes by the name Mi$$y D, and is a rising star."

Jan was barley paying attention until he heard the woman sing, suddenly his world exploded with color and he groaned and grabbed his head and bent over in pain as his world filled with color and emotion slammed back into him

"Jan, are you alright?" Donny asked, then he looked at the T.V. "Whoa! She's cute!"

The broadcast continued, "In an interview, Mi$$y D told us of her inspiration."

The woman popped up and said, "I've admired Desari for some time. She inspired me to start singing. First, it was just at local festivals and events. Then, I got a gig at a bars and clubs that offered live shows. It was so much fun and everyone enjoyed my songs. When I heard that the Dark Troubadours were holding auditions for a new opening, I knew I had to go. They liked me and when I got the call, I was so excited. I've practically modeled my whole career after Desari, refusing record deals. I love small crowds and open spaces more than stadiums."

"She is set to start traveling with the band as soon as they hit Brazil," finished the news caster.

Jan would look over at her, she was beautiful, everything about her was beautiful, her voice made him speechless, it hurt to look at her and now with his emotions back everything he did to Julietta hit him hard

"Jan, talk to me," Donny said. "You look like a train hit you. Let's go to a club, find a couple girls to feed from, enjoy the night."

Jan shook his head "you go....I...I need to go back home" he said and started walking like he was drunk a little

"Man, I can't leave you like this," Donny said. "And it's no fun without my best friend with me. I'm going home with you." He glanced at the T.V. and saw an address pop on the screen. "Oh, hey, they said that singer takes letters. That's sweet of her, personally taking time to write her fans. No wonder she's popular."

Jan knew he needed to speak with her, but he did not deserve her yet, he decided he would write her letter, but for now he had a phone call to make

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