The phone call went as jan expected, he didnt even get a chance to talk to Julietta. He sat there at his desk thinking of something to say, he thought back of what she was like on Tv the way her smile lit up the room, the way her voice mad him tremble, with her in mind the words started flowing onto the paper

A beautiful lady with eyes on fire,
That sparkle and laugh, that can smile and cry,
I love your eyes so clear and true.
Beautiful lady I adore you.

A twinkling look that bubbles bright,
With a heart to care, and a heart to love,
With hands to hold, and hands to help,
Beautiful lady there to give.

Beautiful lady, a smile so bright,
So warm and gentle, so soft. A delight.
A voice so clear,
That calms and soothes, a voice that wipes all fears.

Beautiful lady,
I'll give to you, my thoughts, my prayers, my hopes,
I offer you my heart, my strength.
My love is yours for ever.

Beautiful lady,
I love you as you are.

Danny opened the door to Jan's room and said, "Hey, man, I'm getting worried. It's been almost two hours. What are you doing that has you so consumed that it take priority over feeding?"

Jan looked over at his friend, letting him see the struggle on his face "you know....I that navy blue jacket your wearing...its not your color man " he said giving him his answer

Donny nearly jumped out of his skin. Since he had known Janovich, the man has never seen color or felt emotions. This was shocking.

"Holy shit, dude!" Donny said. "When did you...? I mean, do you know who she is?"

"the woman from the television the other night...Missy D" he said rubbing his temples "I feel like Im tearing apart inside man...Everything I did before I came here...its right here" he said gripping his chest

"Dude, I'm sorry," he said. "You know I'm here for you, right?" He looked around. "Let's go for a walk. You can talk to me. Mom's visiting right now, and she will go all jungle beast on you if she hears anything about you-know-what. So, let's get out of here and get some air. I'll listen."

He put the letter in the envelope with the address the TV people said to send it to and put it in his pocket, he grabbed his coat and left with donny

Once out of sight of the house, Donny said, "Okay, now that you can feel, let's get all the guilt out. I'll listen, and I won't judge. I mean, I heard the story, but now, it will help my best friend. So, start talking."

"I-I cant man...its to muc...I mean...something I know they didnt tell you....I...I got her pregnant.." he said running his fingers through his hair

Donny said, "It's okay, dude. When you meet up with your family again, make sure she can hear you say what you need to, then see if you can be a dad to your kid. I mean, that's all you can do. You can't take her memories. She won't trust you again when she finds out from her lifemate. So, just be a good father to the baby."

"I dont even think I deserve to be a father..." he said in a low tone "I cant deal with this right now...come with me to drop this letter off at a post box and we can go for some drinks"

Donny said, "Dude, was that your idea of a joke? A full year of knowing you have no sense of humor, and you pull out the 'get some drinks' joke? No offense, but that was lame."

He smirked "you say joke I say a way to mentally numb me" he said with a chuckle

"And I say that we can't drink alcohol because I'm underage and my parents would literally kill me," said Donny. "Not to mention you would have the whole De La Cruz clan on your ass."

"well then you can stand watch while I try not to even remember my name" he said with a shrug

"Damn it!" Donny said. "I hate having to carry you home after these trips. First it was to feel something, now it's to feel nothing. And did I mention you way a ton? Let's just feed from some drunk a-holes in an ally and call it a night. Less likely to get our asses handed to us when we get home."

"hey...is that your mom?" he asked looking behind him, when he looked and looked back Jan was gone

Donny growled and ran after Jan. When he caught up to him, Jan already had half a beer drank.

"Not cool," Donny said, sitting down and ordering water. "Do you understand what it's like to have my mom on me all the time just because I'm a guy? She's constantly watching me. Aunt Jasmin says that it's because of what they went through. I'm her son and she doesn't trust me to look at a girl."

"then keep your eyes on me buddy...im prettier then any girl in here" he said jokingly taking a big sip of his beer

A dude said, "Turn the left T.V. up, Jorge."

The news reporter said, "... and police have yet to find the pack of wolves that seem to be making their way down the coast line. This makes the seventh attack in three weeks and citizens are concerned. Curfews have been issued to protect citizens, but it doesn't seem to be working. Reports say that the wolf pack is not native to South America, but is actually the Eurasia Wolf, commonly found in the region of the Carpathian Mountains based on the paw prints found at the scene."

"Turn it off," said Donny. "Sound more like some psycho with some dogs is attacking people and the police are covering it up." People agreed and went back to drinking. Donny whispered, "We need to tell everyone when we get back."

"Oh, turn up the right T.V.!" said one woman. "Look, it's that girl! The one that is traveling with the Dark Troubadours! Mi$$y D!"

Mi$$y D said, "Well, it's a dream come true. I saw their concert once, a while back. I was enchanted. I knew, if I could travel and play with them, I'd never want to leave. Their band is so much like a family. When they were holding auditions, I sent in my video application, since I wasn't in the same country as them. I was so shocked that they picked me, of all people, that I almost didn't believe it. They are coming to pick me up from my home town in California and we are driving to Brazil for our first concert together."

"Do you write your own songs?" the interviewer asked.

"Yes, though I also do covers," said Mi$$y. "I do ask the original bands or singers for permission, and 7 times out of 10, they say it's okay."

"What song did you sing for the band?" the reporter asked.

"I sang my song, In Your Spotlight, which was one I just made because I'm a total nerd," said Mi$$y with a laugh.

"I see," said the reporter. "Well, that's all the time we have for today. If you would like to send letters to Mi$$y D, her address is on the screen below. We were told gifts will no longer be accepted, but letters are just fine."

"I will personally answer them when I get the chance," Mi$$y said with a smile.

"Lucky you have such a cool lifemate," said Donny. "I can't wait to find mine. Yo, can I borrow yours to show off to mom?" He laughed. "She would flip!"

Jan went to nudge him but missed and swayed "no she is mine...you know if she will take me...probably wont....and if your mother has it her way youll die a virgin" he said jokingly

"Alright, let's get you home," Donny said. "You started getting personal and now you can't aim. Besides, if something happens, it will take you a while to get all that stuff out of your system and I'm the one who get's hurt in those situations."

He leaned on him "If something bad happens to me I deserve it..." he said slurring his words "just drop me off in Paris and let those wolves eat me" he said chuckling "they probably wouldn't even eat me" he said stumbling slightly "she is never going to accept me Don" he said falling slightly

"If Charles Manson can get girls to want to fuck him in prison, then you can get your lifemate," said Donny. "It was a mistake. She will understand."

"Im worse then char...char..les manhun" he said before passing out

Charles Manson, Donny said in Jan's head, flying them home when no one was looking. You know, the murderer and cult leader. You didn't kill people or have followers who did.

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