Battle 2

Alex would feel how tired Liliana's spirit was as they waited for the others to return.

"Stay with me," he said. "A healer will be here soon. Hold on for me."

The Alpa stopped licking Liliana and looked at Alex, he then looked at Liliana's almost completely severed arm, Alex would then notice its discoloration

Alex didn't let sorrow fill him. She would have both her arms, if he had any say in it.

The wolf went back to licking arm wounds, nipping at the dead tissue as he did so, making Liliana twitch in pain and because of his movements of taking off the dead tissue, her soul cried in pain.

It's okay, Alex chanted in her head. He's helping you.


Darius could smell Liliana's blood and he was still about a mile away, he traveled as fast as he could, he knew Gregori and Mikhail were only a day away, he just hope she would last until they got there

Manolito met up with Darius, carrying a deer. He put off feeding as he had the most energy. "Bur tule ekämet kuntamak - well met brother-kin. I am glad you came. There are some wolves that aided us, and I am bringing them a thank you gift. We must hurry. I still need to feed, but..."

Darius put his hand on Manolito's shoulder "how bad is it? I can smell her blood from here" he said in a tone filled with sorrow, hee needed to know what he needed to prepare for

"We fear she may lose her arm," said Manolito. "Donny and her got into an argument and Donny lost his temper. You can guess the rest. We have fought for her life since then. We feared putting her in the ground."

Darius nodded "go feed....we need to be able to move her into the safety of one of your homes before the night is through" he said and took off towards Liliana

"I will once I drop this off," Manolito said. "It won't take long."

Within ten minutes, they were at the ranch. Manolito put the deer down for the pack, then left to go feed.

"Will she be alright?" Solonge asked Darius. "She is a fighter, but even I know how difficult it is without the use of one of your arms. If she can't battle by Alex's side, she will never be truly happy again."

Danarius was a little thrown off by the wolves but did not hesitate to bend down to Examine Liliana his face stone, it bothered him to know boys to see a female in such a condition, the fact that she was a female and mother made it even worse "I'm not sure.....I will do what I can" he said and became the healing light and went inside her

Alex said, Darius is here, Liliana. He will make sure you will live and keep your arm. Just sit still, keep breathing, and don't let your heart stop. Please.

Danarius was still inside her when everyone came back, it wasn't until at least four hours later that he went back into his body, his breathing ragged and he fell over onto his side and his skin paled. Around the three hour mark Alex had to hold Liliana's arm in place while he tried to reattach it, the most he was able to do was get the blood flow back into it and reattach the skin, but the arm was still technically severed. He knew he would need Gregori to help reconstruct, she was missing bone, muscle, and skin all along the shoulder and arm, it was not something easy to regrow. He hoped getting blood flow back into the arm and healing it the best he could would help save her arm but only time could tell "I stopped the bleeding and closed everything off from infection.....But I will need help with the reconstruction.....I have done what I can for up to her though whether she remains in this world and how soon Gregori can get here...she is missing bone and muscle....and she has lost a lot of blood, not to mention she had deep gashes in her stomach and some of her internal organs were damaged" he said tiredly and weakly

Alex glared at Donny. Solonge made her son give blood to Alex, who bit down hard.

"Ow!" Donny said. "Could you...!?

"Be grateful he doesn't try to rip your heart out!" said Solonge. "You're the one that made her nearly lose the arm in the first place, not to mention her life! Him biting down hard isn't going to kill you! What would you have told the prince if his son had died or turned vampire?!"

"Like I was saying, this is nothing compared to her injuries," Donny said, his face paling from fear. "I am sorry for attacking the future prince's lifemate."

"Glad you understand," said Solonge as Alex closed the wound. "Please forgive him, Alex. He's a moron."

"I can see that," snapped Alex. "If she lives, I will leave it up to her if he deserves forgiveness or not."

"Thank you," said Solonge.

Danarius slowly got up "I need to feed....I've done what I can for now for her and the baby....I suggest going inside and grabbing something stable to put her on so we can move her

"Wait," Manolito said, "what do you mean, baby? She can't be pregnant. It's far too soon."

Alex let the information sink in. Then, he launched himself at Donny. Donny was too shocked to fight back. Alex had punched through Donny's chest before he got pulled back by all five De La Cruz brothers and Jan.

"Let me go!" Alex said. "I'll kill him!"

"Lil needs you right now!" Manolito said. "Calm down and focus on her and the baby! You can get your punches in after they are safe!"

Alex didn't like it, but agreed. He nodded. Jan still stood between the now severely injured Donny and extremely pissed off Alex, just to be safe.

"I thought you all knew? she is only a few weeks but it is there...though it seems..." he said looking at the wolf on her stomach "you were putting pressure so the baby would get blood weren't you?" he said looking at the wolf who looked at him for a second and then continued to lay down on her stomach "were sent them?" he said more disturbed about how intelligent they were instead of comforted "did no one really know she was pregnant?"

"No," said Alex, moving a strand of hair from Liliana's face lovingly. "If I had, she wouldn't have been out alone to train."

"We would have done more in her healing as well," said Manolito.

"I should have known, though," said Alex. "I'm her lifemate."

"If Manolito or Zacarias did not detect it then you would not have either, Manilto try to think if she has been acting strange and let me know when I return, the baby seems odd to me.....I must go feed you must get her inside, Gregori should be here come next nightfall and its only a coue hours still sunrise......" he said and started walking towards the woods

"We flew in a plane two days ago," said Alex. "I thought that she was just nervous, like the rest of us not used to human transportation. She had gone to the bathroom at one point. She could have been sick because of the baby."

Darius stopped "what I the fetus has no heartbeat...but yet it lives" Darius said and vanished into the woods

Alex looked at the spot where Darius used to be. He couldn't think, couldn't breathe. What was going on with his child? He looked at Liliana.

"What do I do, warrior woman?" he asked as he gave her another kiss on the forehead. "I'm lost without you."

The alpha wold stood up and walked over to Alex and sat down next to him without looking at him, the other wolves got up and ate the deer Manolito brought back except for the Alpha, he remained next to Alex, unmoving your cries called us here.....I lost my the creatures who dwell in the shadows...... your mate....came to us.....asked us for help....her soul begged, pleaded and I obliged...All I ask in return...Is she keeps her word if she me kill the shadow creature who took my mate the wolf said only to him

Alex looked at him and said, If she is unable, I will do so in her place. You have my word as the future prince of the Carpathian people.

Then I will hold you to your honor and your word and to show my appreciation for feeding my kin I will say one last thing.....your mate's soul came with another, small, fragile....she held it close....weakly was she for holding it he said before going over to take his fill of the deer

Alex gasped. Liliana! You should have told me! We would have had someone protect the baby's spirit! You wasted so much energy and we nearly lost both of you! He sighed. Why am I even telling you the dangers? You're a warrior. You'd fight heaven and hell to protect those you care about. And I wouldn't change a thing about you.

take it her voice sounded so far away, so weak it broke his heart, but it was the first time she had spoken too

Alex almost started crying with joy that he had heard her voice. I am holding you to me, Liliana. Should I ask Manalito to hold the baby to him?

She didnt answer, she was too weak to do so, her soul had grown weaker just saying those two words

"Manolito, can you take the baby's spirit into your keeping?" Alex asked desperately. "Liliana has been protecting it, while I've been holding her! She has used so much of her energy to keep the baby alive that she has nearly left us!"

Manolito took hold of the baby's spirit immediately. He knew he and his lifemate would raise Suzi and her new sibling together. He fed Liliana some of his strength so that she could hold on.

As soon as Manolito had the babies soul Liliana rested quietly. Zacarias came back with a large board "Ok lets move her" e looked around and saw everyone's faces and Donny being healed by is mother and Jan "what did I miss?"

"Nothing much," said Riordan. "Just that Alex nearly killed Donny because he nearly killed Lil and her unborn child. That's all."

Zacarias didn't respond at first, he looked like a statue, after a moment they would see him take a deep breath "We move her now" he said with command in is tone and placing te board beside her.

Meanwhile, as he feed Danarius sent a message to Mikhail and Gregori telling them about the baby

Gregori, Mikhail, and their lifemates carrying the children sped up and raced towards Brazil. Meanwhile. Everyone was trying to move Liliana, but Alex wasn't making it easy.

"If you lift there, it will hurt her!" he said. "No! Not there! That will put pressure on the baby!"

"Alex!" Manolito said. "Calm down. You are not helping."

"we need to keep her arm and torso as still as possible, those are where her worst injuries are" Zacarias said "Now Alex grab her head, Manolito press her arms to her side and when I count to three lift her slightly so I can put the board under ...three" he said and they all moved her just enough for him to slide the board under her. Though the sight underneath her made Zacarias growl and look away. Chunks of her bone and flesh laid pressed in the blood-filled dirt that covered a large portion of the area, worms and maggots had already started to feast were the blood went the deepest, her hair was so soaked in blood that when Alex released her head his hands were covered in her blood, with how pale she looked and how much blood and flesh was on the ground it was as if they were moving a corpse

Alex growled and lunged at Donny again, more beast than man. Even with Jan and all five De La Cruz brothers holding him back, he slowly made his way forward. Manolito tried to enter Alex's mind, but he was hit full force with violent rage. The rain from the sudden storm was so thick, people parked on the side of the road, afraid of accidents. The ground visibly rolled in some parts of the land from the tremors. Still, Alex kept moving towards Donny. Manolito sent a call to Darius for his aid. Five ancient hunters and a boy couldn't hold Alex back. Donny was too weak to fight and too scared to move.

Suddenly Alex would feel a small weak grip on his ankle, a feminie hand just as denarius came from the woods "ALEX STOP!" he rushed over but not to Alex but behind him which made every one look, Zacarias actually cringed and quickly bit open his wrist and went behind Alex and out of view.

Alex turned towards the hand that had gripped him. He knew the feel, but something was off. His mind slowly saw who it was. The men slowly let go of him. The rain didn't stop but the land settled.

"Liliana?" he asked when he saw her. "Why?"

There soaked in the pouring rain was Liliana's naked body, he back covered in scratches and maggots, her hand on Alex's ankle as her bad arm laid underneath her, the skin torn at the spot on her neck since she was still missing her shoulder bone. She laid silently and unmoving, her head laid in the mud, her hair covering her face. No heartbeat, no breath, she was silent

Zacarias tried to force her to drink but she was not responding, he roared loud enough it echoed through the rain

Alex fell to his knees. He had failed her. When she needed him most, he had failed her. He felt darkness closing in on him. He could only see her lifeless body. Blood red tears fell down his face. There was nothing to live for anymore. The one woman, the only woman, that mattered in the entire world was now dead.

Danarius lifted her gently to remove her arm from underneath her, he fixed the skin she ripped and healed the marks on her back after removing the maggots, lucky the maggots had cleaned the would so there was no infection.

Zacarias closed his wrist and went to alec and grabbed him hard by the shoulders "Alex..Alex! listen to me can you feel her? dont search with yours eyes alex" when he got no response e growled and covered his eyes with his hands "search for her alex! now!"

"What's the point?" he asked. "She's gone. There is no way she..."

"So, you're giving up?!" Manolito growled. "When everyone else thought she was already dead, you kept us going! You fought the demon trying to take over, Alex, and won when the rest of us would have failed! Now, when we have hope, you want to throw in the towel?!"

"No," said Alex. "But..."

"Then do what Zacarias says!" Manoito said.

Alex took a deep breath. He reached out and felt something. It was small and weak, but the touch was unmistakable.

"Liliana," he said, unbelieving.

As he said her name her hand twitched on his ankle

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