Battle 3

Alex sat next to the bed Liliana lay on. It was three hours until sun set. Donny and Solonge had provided blood for each new shift. Jan had go to feed for Donny while Doiminic, now healed, would provide for Solonge. The house was eerily quiet. It felt more like they were having a funeral than keeping someone alive.

"Liliana," Alex called for the twentieth time. "When you are finally healed, let's take a break. Go someplace far away from everyone and everything. We will train by ourselves in the mountains, we will enjoy our time away, and nothing like this will happen again. Just please, come back to me."

There was no response, Liliana's condition had not change, the only good news was that Darius had fixed her body just enough for the soul of the child to be able to safely return to it. Everyone was Exhausted and losing hope.

Jan looked at Donny "you know she is probably going to die right..." he said not thinking anyone could hear him "maybe we should think about getting you out of here before that happens" he said worried about his friend

"God, if I killed her, could you imagine?" Donny said. "Dad told me Alex fried about twenty ghouls yesterday. And he's our age. Could you imagine him as a vampire?"

"She isn't going to die!" Alex yelled. "I won't give up on her!"

They both jumped not knowing he heard them "It was an accident you know....he thought she was an intruder...." jan said trying to stick up for Donny

"I don't care what his reasons were!" Alex said. "Subduing is one thing, trying to kill her is another! And I'll be damned if I let her die because of a moron that can't control his temper!"

Donny winced.

"saids the guy who created the freaking hurricane while she was still outside and let go of her spirit!" jan yelled back

Alex stood up, glared at them, and said, "Imagine your lifemate, the one woman that stands between you and eternal damnation, laying as if dead before you. Imagine seeing worms feasting on her, tears down her back, bone-deep. Imagine waking up to feel her pain as someone tears her apart and you are still in the ground, unable to get to her in time! Imagine feeling her slowly slip through your fingers as you fight day and night to save her! Don't stand there and try to lecture me until you know the pain of being trapped while your woman is in danger!"

They were both silent and avoided his gaze, slowly Jan looked up "Look Im sorry this is happening....But he didnt do it on purpose....if and im saying if....if she passes he doesnt deserve to die for it...." Jan said out of fear for his friend "we are doing everything we can to help..."

"It would help if you didn't talk like she was going to die," said Alex as he sat back down. "It's bad enough that I failed her twice in as many days. I will not do so again." He looked over his shoulder. "You two should still be in the ground. I will not turn this night." He looked back at Liliana and took her hand, looking the very picture of a lost man. "I will not lose her."

There was only a few minutes left til sundown and the house became to silent for anyone who was awake liking. In a few minutes they would know if Liliana was still with them, if she did not wake from her Carpathian sleep, they feared she never would. Soon they would find out if all their work paid off.

Slowly the sun went down and everyone listened, even those who were still in the ground did not dare disturb the earth and make noise. Then the faintest sound hit Alex's ears, Liliana's heart was starting up

Alex couldn't move. His relief filled the room. He wanted to hold her to him and never let her go, but he was afraid to touch her. He sat there, tears of joy rolling freely down his face.

"Liliana," he choked out.

Her lips partly sightly as her lungs started up, she was having trouble breathing but they were trying none the less

Mikhail and Gregori appeared next to Alex suddenly. Mikhail made his son let go of Liliana's hand. When Alex saw who it was, fresh waves of fear and relief hit him.

"Let's go," Mikhail said. "You need to feed. I can feel your hunger beating at me. They will need you to hold her spirit while they heal her." Alex nodded. "Let's hurry. We don't have much time if we are going to save her arm."

Mikhail led his son out of the room. Gregori took the chair Alex had been sitting in.

"Darius, I'll need your help," said Gregori. "You will have to care for the baby while I heal Liliana. Thank you for keeping us up to date on her condition.

"Ive been waiting for you my brother I want to share a concern with your ears only" he said sitting on the otherside of Liliana "I was in Alex mind to keep track of his condition and I overheard something between him and an Alpha" he said and began to tell him in his mind as he took over caring for the child, about how he had heard him say that Liliana's spirit came to them and asked them for help, how she had a soul of another with her In her condition she could not have been strong enough to do any of that....Something is off and it worries me

Yes, that is worrisome, agreed Gregori. For now, though, we will put it out of our minds. We must focus on the task at hand. You did a good job. I have no doubt that, if you were granted enough time, you could have healed her completely. Are you ready? This will be one nasty battle.

one I am honored to fight with you

Right before they began and to both their surprise a small weak voice echoed in both of their heads you....are not this fight...I will fight with lilianas voice trailed off

Save your strength, said Gregori soothingly. Rest. Concentrate on staying alive. Alex holds your spirit, Darius holds your child's spirit, and I will heal you. We don't want to loose you, Liliana. So, rest for now.

I afraid if I do...Ill fade away....Im so very...ver... suddenly her breathing stopped and her heart sputtered

Resting doesn't mean sleeping or giving up, Liliana! said Gregori. Just talking to us makes you fade little by little! This is why I want you to rest! I can't fight you and heal you at the same time! Think of your lifemate and unborn child! Do you wish to leave them because of stubbornness or fear?!

its dark here......people screaming....wandering around endlessly.....there is light....please....get me out of here....I want to come home...please! blood seeped from her mouth and her body started to convulse as dark bruising stated to appear on her neck indicating blood was beneath the skin

We will bring you back, said Gregori, that is a promise! I want you to relax. Trust Alex, trust Darius, and trust me. We are fighting to keep you with us. Rest, save your strength. Healing will be easier if you listen to me. Once I am done, I will tell you what to do next. Alright?

Her silence was her agreement

Gregori began working instantly. He had to be meticulous. He had to put her together like a living jigsaw puzzle. It was five hours later before her was forced back into his body. Savannah replenished him, though he hated relying on her at times like these. Raven had to supply Savannah as she supplied Gregori. When he closed the wound on Savannah's wrist, she and Raven left to go feed. Gregori set back to work. He lost himself in his work. He had to. Darius did a fine job, but it wasn't enough to make her arm work like it had before. Gregori was proud of his brother for what he had accomplished. It was his healing, not Gregori's, that had ultimately saved Liliana's arm and her life. Just as the sun was peeking over the mountains, Gregori returned to his body, satisfied with his work.

"She needs to feed and go to ground," he said, looking gray. "She will live, but her arm will need to be rehabilitated. The damage done... it is rare for a Carpathian to retain hard-learned skills after such a wound. With time, she will be able to use it again."

"Thank you, Gregori," said Alex as he and Darius also collapsed. "I'm in your debt."

"You all need to feed," said Mikhail.

"We offer a place to rest," said Manolito, speaking for the De La Cruz family. "And we offer freely."

"Thank you," said Gregori. "It is greatly appreciated."

All three of them feed deeply. Manolito had to force Liliana to feed from him because of how weak she was. Gregori looked at her. The rest is up to you. We have no strength left to aid you in this. If you open your eyes, you will put your family and lifemate at rest.

Nothing happened for minutes that seemed like hours, her lips parted and in the faintest whisper came a name "Alex...."

With tears of joy flowing freely, Alex went to her and kissed her before saying, "I'm here, Liliana. I'm here."

"sleep..."she said tiredly

"That's a good idea," said Gregori. "We should all go to ground."

Alex carefully picked Liliana up and laid with her in the ground, happy to have his lifemate back, safe in his arms.

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