Shelbi woke up as they crossed the boarder into Mexico. She was so excited. She was tired of the interviews and the paparazzi. Now, everything would be quiet. They stopped at a Hotel for the day. When she got to her room there was already a box waiting for her, containing hundreds of letters.

She sighed. This is what she got for having the schedule planned out before hand, and her family posting her route on the internet, and always answering fan mail. To many of the fans that wrote her often, she sent a signed picture of her in her current location. And that meant she would have to make hundreds of copies. She quickly took a picture and asked the concierge if he could make her 379 copies and send them out to her fans. He was shocked and said they didn't have that much paper. She asked how much it would cost and then she handed the money over. He went out to buy paper, ink, envelopes, and stamps. She went back to her room and began writing the addresses down. The last one she stopped at. She had never seen the name before, and she would have remembered such an unusual name. She opened the letter and began to read.

Shelbi smiled at the letter and began to write:

Dear Janovich,
Your poem was beautiful. You seem very talented as a writer. I will be traveling through Central America for a few days and hope to see more letters from you. Our next few stops will be San Luis Potosi and Puebla. Desari has said we will put on some performances there. She is very talented and an inspiration to me. In your next letter, please tell me more about yourself
Mi$$y D

She went down just as the last of the photos were printed off. She helped him address each envelope and put a picture inside. When she got to Jan's letter, she couldn't help but put on some lipstick and kiss the top right corner before sealing the letter and photo in an envelope and addressing it to Jan


Julietta woke first in the camp, something had awoken her and she felt her heart sink before she even opened her eyes, she opened the earth above her and stepped out and looked down at the basket that her son was sleeping in neck to their resting place, she placed her hands on her stomach as it started to sin, No heart beat, she heard nothing, not the sound of his little heart or the sound of his peaceful breathing she had gotten use to, tear swelled up in her eyes as she slowly approached the basket. She could see the top of his little head, his golden brown hair that was like hers, slowly she reached into the basket and slowly pulled the cover that her mother had made him off of his little body. The second she saw his skin she cried out and pulled his cold little body from his bed and hugged it too her and fell to her knees, Her cries of anguish woke the whole camp instantly, blood tears flowed down her face like a active stream "No! please! please wake up please!" she begged, Her mind was so consumed with anguish that no one could reach her on a mental link

Rodger joined her, telling everyone to leave them be. Tears fell. Her child, his child, their son was lost to them for all time. No words could console them. They hugged the child between them, willing him to come back, both knowing it would never be.

"make him wake up Rodger please make him wake up" she begged him hysterically. Her eyes showed emptiness of a kind he had never scene

"I wish I could, Julietta," Rodger said, his eyes and voice mimicking her emptiness. "God, how I wish I could."

She began to rock him hard, moving him out of Rodgers grip, turning her back to him "wait...what am I saying...he's not dead...hes just a early bloomer thats all....he is sleeping a carpathian sleep...yeah that all" she said in a uneven tone

Rodger put his arms around her and said, "Julietta... he isn't..." sorrow clogged his throat at the words he was about to say. "He isn't sleeping. He's... gone."

She moved out of his arms and stood up, her back still turned to him "No! your wrong! he is sleeping! how dare you say such horrible things to me..." she said moving away from him "he is not gone....hes not...youll see...he will wake up....and he will look at me with his beautiful brown eyes and...and he will need me..." she said with her heart pounding in her chest, her breathing becoming uneven

Rodger said, "Julietta, he's not going to wake up. We need to... to..."

He couldn't say it. He didn't want to. They would have to cremate their child. He felt the presence of two others. He looked at them, lost as what to do. He wished the baby was sleeping. He wanted to hold him again and hear him cooing at them. His world was emptier now without his son in it.

Julietta growled "Hes not gone!" she said and ran with inhuman speed into the forest with the baby in her arms

Rodger went after her. He appeared in front of her and held her in his arms. He knew she would fight him, but he didn't let go.

He said, "Don't you think this kills me too?! God, I want him to wake up with every fiber of my being! I want to see his beautiful eyes looking at us with love, I want to be able to see him take his first steps, hear his first words, teach him how to fly and transform and hunt!" He made her look at him, see his grief. "I want to bring him back to us so bad, it hurts! But I wasn't gifted with such powers! You, me, your parents, all of us feel the loss! But denying that it happened won't change the fact that it did!" He gently took the baby from her, hugged their son to his chest, falling to his knees, bawling. "Our son is gone, and I can't bring him back, Julietta. I failed to protect him from whatever took him from us, to prevent it." He began rocking back and forth. "He was healthy yesterday. Just fine. I want him back, Julietta. For both of us, I want him back."

"hes not your son!" she said not in her right mind "but he was mine....no matter how he was conceived he was mine! not yours mine! no one has the right to take him from me not even god himself! "she said taking him back from him "he will wake up...he will or so help me I will follow him just so I can bring him back myself....Ill follow him...he must be scared...and he will need to be feed soon....he must come back....he must.....please....please.....please...please" she said repeatedly putting her forehead to the babies "come back to me I promise Ill be better...please dont leave me...." She said softly, slowly she opened her eyes, her babies pale face looked like he was in a internal sleep, she looked at him for a moment "your tired right....ok....I get it....you rest.....and Ill see you again....I promise.....you rest and wait for me ok" she said in a heart breaking tone. With one last heart breaking sob she kissed his forehead and just as she did his little body burst into flames in her arms. She held him to her chest as he burned even though she was burning were she held him, it was nothing compared to the pain of losing him.

Rodger put out the flames by hugging her to him and said, "Julietta, he was my son because I loved him as my own. Yes, he was your son and there is no better mother than you. But you cannot follow him. Lean on me, feel my strength. Please, don't leave me."

As the babies ashes blew away in the wind Julietta went limp in his arms and the fire stopped but she was badly burned but she made no sound.


Ellie waited patiently for Micheal to return, she decided to take a shower while waiting

Michael back well fed and appeared next to the shower door as she started washing.

"You look lonely in there," he said.

She jumped not hearing him come in "I think you are hoping I am lonely in here so I will ask you to join me" she said sarcastically

"You are the one who wanted to work things out," he said. "I need to feel you in my arms, Ellenor. I need to feel your light surrounding me. I need to be inside you and know everything is okay between us. I need you."

"There not ok yet....and don't talk like that you are making my body betray me" she said rinsing her hair

"I'm telling you the truth," he said.

Her hair danced down her body beautiful, he could see her elegant body shape through the curtain "Oh? How am I suppose to know that?" she said sarcastically

"You can examine my mind," he said. "You've been around my judgemental brother this whole time, learning from him, which makes me jealous, I won't lie. But you should have learned how to enter another person's mind to find what you need."

"I have not been awake long enough to learn anything..." she said sighing and let the hot water hit her neck as she started to wash her body, he would see her slowing start rubbing the soap all over herself

"Reach for me with your mind," he said.

"why?" she asked softly

"So that you know I speak the truth," he said simply.

She opened the curtain just enough for her head to pop out so she could look at him "I shouldn't have to invade your mind for that....and honestly I dont want to..... everything is still too new and its overwhelming...its not normal to be able to read peoples minds" she said as her wet hair fell slightly to the side

"It is for us," Michael said. "Just try. You might like it. I always find interesting things in your mind when I look. Can you tell me what 'bootylicious' means? And why do you think that's what I am?"

Her cheeks instantly got red and she shut the curtain with haste "Stay out of my head! and it means idiot! cause thats what you are" she said pouting

"Don't be like that," said Michael. "You also think I'm sexy and you like my eyes."

"So? its just physical attraction...it means nothing" she said stubbornly

"No," said Michael, pulling back the curtain. "You are beautiful inside as well. You are smart, kind, generous. You only drink when you go out with friends because you feel like you must, but otherwise, you have no vices to speak of. You are so perfect, and I don't deserve you."

Instinctively she covered herself the best she could "I said stay out of my head....and your letting the cold in"

"I don't have to be inside your head to see those things," he said. "And you can regulate your body heat."

SHe glared at him "not right now I cant because I dont know how ....now do you mind...im trying to take a shower and....your making it hard" she said looking away from him blushing

"You can think yourself clean and what clothes you wish to wear," said Michael. "Now, come on out. You're clean enough."

"who are you to tell me im clean enough? maybe I like the feel of the water" she said still not looking at him, her body glistening from the water

Michael growled, took her out of the shower, and into her room.

"It seems I have a lot to teach you," he said, "but I will enjoy every moment of it. Now, I want to take you out on the town. We can't eat human food, but we can still enjoy ourselves."

She pushed at his chest "hey I wasnt done in there! What makes you think you can just do something like this" she said trying to get out of his arms while covering herself the best she could

Marcus woke up to Jennifer's warm body next to him, he smiled and wrapped his arms around her and started kissing her neck

Jennifer moaned and said, "Better than coffee. Much better. I love waking up to you needing me."

"I will always need you" he said slowly entering her

She gasped. "You feel bigger today. Marcus, I feel like I'm burning up."

He groaned as she tightened around him "Jennifer if you squeeze me like that you will make me lose control" he said against her neck

She wrapped her arms around him and said seductively, "Maybe I don't want you in control."

He growled and pinned her on her stomach going deeper and harder inside of her, gripping her hair and pulling her head back while he bit into her neck possessively

Jennifer moan loudly, chanting his name, begging him to never stop, begging him for release. Still, she found herself floating in space, burning for him.

He closed the bite but left the mark and took them both over the edge together, filling her up enough were she felt pressure that added to her orgasm

"Perhaps I will get pregnant this time," she said with a smile.

Then, Julietta's despair hit her and tears welled up

Marcus held her and blocked Julietta pain from her mind

"We have to go to her!" Jennifer said. "I can't leave her like that! She's like a sister to me! Maybe we can save him!"

He kept her from leaving his embrace "the boy is gone little one....she needs her lifemate right now" he said in a sad tone

Jennifer cried into his chest. "No! We must be able to do something for her!"

He held her close "these things happen little one...right now we can not do anything for her she must grieve" he said stroking her hair

"I've changed my mind," she said. "I don't want to risk losing the baby after touching minds with them as I carry them, after giving birth to them. I can't do it."

"it is part of life little one....if you never wish to have kids, if that is what you truly want then I will support you....but....think about if that risk is worth it? to have a child of your own, to see parts of you and me in them, to hear their first word and to watch them grow and learn" he said softly

"Of course I would love to see that," admitted Jennifer. "But the pain she felt... I'd never survive it."

"you are stronger then you give your self credit for little one...and you would not be alone" he said nuzzling her neck

"She's alone," said Jennifer. "She doesn't even let Rodger in, and he's her lifemate. She's utterly alone right now."

"I know little one I know....this is why out woman are precious to us...they work so hard for us...to bring life into this world" he said like he knew what she was going through "My mother lost four children before me..." he said softly

"I'm sorry," said Jennifer. "How did she cope?"

"maybe you should ask her sometime...when I do all she saids is "because I knew that one day you would come along" he said with a chuckle quoting his mother

"She just hoped a child would come along and survive?" Jennifer said, tears in her voice. "How sad for her. I'm glad that you came along and she finally had a child to love."

"and you will to if you want one....im not saying it would be easy...I cannot tell the future..I just know you have so much love to give little one and I want nothing more then to see our little one walking around and the smile it would bring you" he said lovingly


Julian took his first breath and was glade that the first smell was his beautiful mate that laid beside him, He reached over and started stroking her body to wake her

Desari stretched and said, "I will never tire of waking up with you beside me."

He smiled down at her "Even if you did tough luck darling I wont have it any other way" he said kissing her passionately

"It's a good thing it will never happen then," she said. "Now, what is on the agenda for today, my love?"

"we put on a amazing performance and we end the night with me being your number one fan who you think is so charming you let him do naughty naughty stuff to you in your chambers" he said nibbling her ear

Desari laughed and said, "I meant what do we have to do to get ready since Darius and Tempest are busy right now. We have to keep Mi$$y D safe. She's human. The more we stay in the big cities, the more exposed I feel, but her fans want to write to her. We can't tell her to just stop writing to them. It will cause us problems."

He sighed "I know but soon after this tour we will meet up with the others and it will be safer" he said "but....we dont have to be up for another half an hour" he said rolling her underneath him and entering her with one quick deep thrust

Desari moaned and said, "Spoiled. I have definitely spoiled you."

He growled "I think it is mutual" he said teasing her neck with his fangs and he began to thrust harder

She gripped him like a vice. She nuzzled his neck. Together, they bit deep as they climaxed at the same time. They both closed the wound. She pulled away smiling when despair hit her.

"The baby," Desari said. "Something happened to the baby."

Julian dressed them both quickly and opened the earth above them, his daughters despair almost made it hard to walk

Desari followed, blood red tears falling. Half way to her daughter, she fell to the ground. Her grandson, gone from them. Can you bring him back to us, Julian? You are healer. Maybe you could...

The look on his face said it all and gave her the answer, the child was gone

Desari put her head in her hands, weeping. How could they lose someone so precious? No, it was too unfair! Julietta had started healing from what Jan had put her through! Why did fate have to take her child too?!

Julian held her to him I know.....I know

Desari saw Rodger look at them. Can't you help them? I can't even touch our daughter's mind. You have to do something.

Before he could answer her Julietta took off into the woods

"We have to go after them!" Desari said. "They are both so grief stricken, who knows what they could fool themselves into thinking!"

Juilan nodded and they both went after them.

They stopped and saw the baby turn to ash and Julietta burning. They saw Rodger put out the flames with his own body. Help her. We can't lose them too.

Julian rushed over to help Rodger with Julietta "lets get her back to the camp" he said trying hard not to look at his daughter, the pain it would cause him would be unbarable

Rodger nodded. He couldn't stand to see his lifemate like this. Desari started singing, hoping it would bring her daughter back to them Syndil, we need you to get the RV ready. Barack, please remove my grandson's things from Julietta's line of sight. This is hard enough as it is.

We will they both said

The whole way there she never made a sound, even though they all knew how painful those burns must be

They walked into camp. There was no sign that a baby had ever been there. It felt emptier now. Desari saw her daughter look around, as if she might see the crib and her child in it, alive and well. They led her to the RV and laid her on the couch.

All of the band members took up the healing chant. Rodger just sat beside Julietta, whispering to her, begging her to return to them.

Julietta remained emotionless and motionless while Julian began to heal her, despite the healing chats, her mind was locked down tight from everyone, even Rodger. She just stared as silent tears rolled down her cheeks.

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